• Nine District Records Shattered

    Nine District Records Shattered

    By Terry Carter, RTT, CHyp. Five District 19-6A swimmers set multiple new district swimming records at Jordan High School last weekend as Katy ISD’s nine schools met in a showdown for the first time.  Taylor’s Logan Park set new district records in the 50 freestyle (20.52) and 100 backstroke (48.68). Other multiple record setters contributed new standards in relays, as well as individual races.  In all, nine new district records were set at the 2023 […]

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  • Katy ISD to Form a Bond Committee

    Katy ISD to Form a Bond Committee

    KATY, TX [January 23, 2023] – At Monday evening’s Board meeting, Katy ISD Trustees approved the formation of a Community Bond Advisory Committee (CBAC) to review enrollment projections, explore current and future school needs, and make a determination on a November 2023 bond package. “Our community has established a three-year bond cycle to build new schools, renovate older campuses and provide for safety and technology upgrades when needed,” said Greg Schulte, Katy ISD Board President.  “Our […]

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  • Katy ISD Names Newest Elementary Schools after Former Educators

    Katy ISD Names Newest Elementary Schools after Former Educators

    KATY, TX [January 23, 2022] – Katy ISD’s newest elementary schools will soon proudly display the names of four former educators and District leaders. David and Terri Youngblood were approved as the namesakes for Elementary 45 and Russell and Cindie Faldyn for Elementary 46. The Youngbloods have been dedicated to the field of education for decades and have demonstrated a passion for students, staff and the community of Katy ISD through a collective 77 years of […]

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  • Katy ISD Board of Trustees Call for a May 2023 School Board Election

    Katy ISD Board of Trustees Call for a May 2023 School Board Election

    KATY, TX [January 23, 2023] –Tonight, the Katy ISD Board of Trustees approved holding a general election in May 2023 for a three-year term on the School Board for Positions 3, 4, and 5. Currently, Position 3 is held by Ashley Vann, Position 4 by Leah Wilson and Position 5 by Greg Schulte.  State law requires a candidate for trustee of an independent school district to be a qualified voter by the time mentioned in Election Code […]

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  • Katy ISD Approves 2024-2025 Instructional Calendar

    Katy ISD Approves 2024-2025 Instructional Calendar

    KATY, TX [January 23, 2023] – During tonight’s monthly board meeting, the Katy ISD Board of Trustees approved the 2024-2025 instructional calendar. The 2024-2025 calendar includes the following highlights: Wednesday, August 14, 2024:  First Day of School Friday, May 16, 2025:  Last Day of School for Seniors Thursday, May 22, 2025:  Last Day of School As a District of Innovation, authorized under House Bill 1842, Katy ISD has the flexibility to obtain exemptions from certain […]

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