• Katy ISD Honors its 2022 Teachers of the Year Through Brick Unveiling Ceremony

    Katy ISD Honors its 2022 Teachers of the Year Through Brick Unveiling Ceremony

    Before ending the 2022 year and heading off to a well-deserved Winter Break, Katy ISD celebrated its annual tradition of recognizing Campus Teachers of the Year. The District, along with local event sponsors, hosted a brick unveiling ceremony where hundreds gathered to recognize the remarkable accomplishments of these educators. The names of 73 teachers are now etched into bricks that pave the site at Katy Heritage Park. “These honorees are exemplary instructional leaders who reflect […]

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  • Legacy Brick Unveiling in Honor of Katy ISD 2022 Teachers of the Year

    Legacy Brick Unveiling in Honor of Katy ISD 2022 Teachers of the Year

    KATY, TX [December 2, 2022] – The hard work and commitment of 73 Katy ISD Teachers of the Year will be etched into the City of Katy history as commemorative bricks are laid at Katy Heritage Park on December 6. The District, along with Venus Construction, Modern Pest Control and the Katy Heritage Society, will honor the 2021-2022 Katy ISD Campus Teachers of the Year at this special brick unveiling event. What:             Katy ISD 2022 Teachers […]

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  • Katy Notched another Playoff win against Summer Creek

    By Terry Carter Unbeaten Katy notched another playoff win against on Friday afternoon, this time over Summer Creek, 35-7, at Turner Stadium in Humble. The victory pushes the Tigers back to familiar territory in a battle for the Region III-6A Division II crown after Katy senior RB Seth Davis raced through the Summer Creek secondary for 224 yards and two TDs. Davis wasted little time in scoring against the Bulldogs after the Tiger defense shut […]

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  • Cougars Fly High Until North Shore Showdown

    Cougars Fly High Until North Shore Showdown

    By Terry Carter The Cinco Ranch football team soared this fall, posting a 9-4 record before battling one of the two Region III-6A giants, North Shore, on Friday at Rhodes Stadium. Nationally-ranked North Shore (13-0) didn’t humiliate the Cougars the way the Mustang can against many opponents. But a 49-21 victory over Cinco Ranch still eliminated the Cougars after a stellar season, highlighted by offensive firepower. North Shore trailed the Cougars 14-7 in the first […]

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  • Hicks Named Official Paetow Head Coach

    Hicks Named Official Paetow Head Coach

    By Terry Carter It’s been a busy few seasons for football coach David Hicks Sr. An assistant coach in Katy ISD a few years go, he took a position with the Allen Eagle football staff in 2021. And his son, David (DJ) Hicks Jr., who is among the nation’s defensive lineman, transferred to Allen High School from Morton Ranch last year. Then Paetow won the 5A state championship in 2021 under the leadership of head […]

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Washing machines as an integral part of our life

Today, in the modern world of a variety of advanced technologies and innovations, most people cannot imagine their lives without the use of washing machines. This is exactly the category of technologies and inventions that greatly facilitates our life in general, significantly saves time and effort, especially when a person works a lot. If there were no washing machines and similar technologies, humanity would still have to do it manually. And this, by the way, […]

Printed and uppercase letters of the English alphabet

Today we will talk about printed and uppercase letters of the English alphabet. Let’s even touch on the calligraphic English alphabet, and how widely it is used: how many native English speakers write in italics. Let’s start it. The role of the written part of the English language and the history of the English alphabet The first alphabet was developed by the Semites in Egypt around 1800-1900. BC. From this, the Phoenicians developed the first […]

Coffee is able to reveal our personality

Coffee is exactly the product without which many cannot imagine their daily life, especially the beginning of a productive day. There are a great many types of this drink now, starting with the notorious cappuccino familiar to everyone and ending with ristretto. In other words, you can find a type of coffee for every taste. By the way, coffee is loved even by those who, to put it mildly, are bored with it. The fact […]

The History of Gambling and Casino Games. Where Was the First Casino Ever?

Gambling has been around for as long as humans themselves. It’s an inextricable connection that can be felt through every era, across the world, and into our past – there are clear signs of this activity dating back centuries before Christ was born! But let’s not forget where we started: how did it all begin? Gambling Evidence From The Earliest Days Although the history of betting can be traced back as far as the dawning […]

Some Surprises Casino Operators Hold for 2023

The global casino industry is worth billions of dollars and continues to grow yearly. In the United States alone, the commercial casino industry generated over $40 billion in revenue in 2017. This figure is expected to rise to over $50 billion by 2022. With so much money at stake, it’s no wonder that casinos like https://www.slotozilla.com/uk/casino-bonuses/no-wagering  are always looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition and keep their players happy. The Future of […]

Electrolyte Powder: Top 3 Benefits Based on Research

Introduction When dissolved in water, a material conducts electricity and is known as an electrolyte. Electrolytes supply the body’s modest electric current to carry out many autonomic activities. The body must have a balance of several electrolytes to operate. Therefore, all brain and muscle functions are jeopardized when electrolytes are imbalanced or severely low. Electrolyte beverages are designed to replace minerals, carbohydrates, and other nutrients lost during physical exercise or sickness while also hydrating your […]

Key Technologies of 5G Bearer Network

PAM4 Technology PAM4 technology is a “double up” technology. If you want to increase the rate of the optical module, you can increase the number of optical channels and increase the rate of a single channel. The PAM signal adopts more kinds of signal levels so that more information can be transmitted in each symbol period of the signal. PAM4 technology uses 4 different signal levels to achieve signal transmission. In the case of the […]

Art & Antiques by Dr. Lori – Colorful Winter Brooches

Blue and colorless clear set gemstones and pearls suggest winter in brooches. 

By Dr. Lori Verderame When it comes to dressing up, the cold weather offers opportunities to add accessories to an outfit like scarves, gloves, hats, etc. In winter, we tend to don our best clothes and jewelry to bring some sparkle to the somewhat dreary season. And when it comes to jewelry, albeit fine or costume, a big statement piece makes the outfit. While earrings and bracelets are must-have accessories, a brooch tops off any […]

Cornyn on Release of Texan Brittney Griner

Senator John Cornyn

U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) released the statement below following the announcement that Brittney Griner, a Houston native, was released from Russian prison: “After nearly ten months under wrongful detention, I am relieved that Houston-native Brittney Griner will finally return home. Brittney has endured unimaginable suffering under the Russian regime, and I am eager for her to be safely reunited with her family on American soil.” “I’m disappointed that the Biden Administration failed to secure […]

Members Choice Credit Union Launches the ‘Helping Heroes’ Savings Program

-Initiative Provides Special Rates and Discounts for Heroic Professions- Members Choice Credit Union (MCCU) a full-service financial institution based in Houston, Texas, today announced the launch of the “Helping Heroes” Savings Program to show support for heroic professionals who serve our communities every day. The initiative offers special savings rates and loan discounts for those in law enforcement, first responders, educators, healthcare professionals, serving in the military, and veterans. “Those in heroic professions are constantly […]