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Bayou Preservation Association’s virtual gala “20 Reasons to Celebrate Our Bayous in 2020” raises funds for ongoing programs

The Bayou Preservation Association’s virtual gala, “20 Reasons to Celebrate Our Bayous in 2020,” raised nearly $65,000 to help support ongoing programs, including stream restoration, trash-free bayous, bayou citizen science and bayou appreciation. The hour-long event, hosted by CW39 TV’s morning news co-anchor Sharron Melton, highlighted reasons to celebrate our bayous via a fun, engaging and educational format. Among reasons cited are flood mitigation; natural wildlife (birds, frogs, turtles, alligators); recreation (paddling, bicycling); photo opportunities; abundant […]

How to Make the Most Out of Your Stay in Virginia

There’s no doubt that the state of Virginia is one of the most beautiful places you will ever visit. Known as ‘ the birthplace of a nation,’ Virginia is home to some of the most historical places in the US. On an international level, Virginia might not be a bucket list destination for tourists. However, as any proud American will tell you, there are many picturesque sites there that are definitely worth visiting at least […]

Get Gardening Tips At Libraries’ Livestreamed Online Program

Gardening Boone Holladay

Fort Bend County Libraries will present an online program on “Gardening for Beginners” on Saturday, December 12, beginning at 10:00 am. This program will be livestreamed via WebEx; it will NOT be in person. James (Boone) Holladay, County Extension Agent with the Texas AgriLife Extension Office in Fort Bend County, will talk about gardening basics for those who are new to gardening. Learn about plant selection and placement, watering tips, and gardening tools. Holladay received his […]

Houston Parks Board Breaks Ground on New Segment of Sims Bayou Greenway

Sims Bayou Greenway Photo credit: Anthony Rathbun, Courtesy of Houston Parks Board

New trail to provide connection and access to green space from Buffalo Speedway to Scott Street Houston Parks Board is pleased to share that construction has begun on a new 5.26-mile segment of Sims Bayou Greenway from Buffalo Speedway to Scott Street. This is the longest Bayou Greenway construction project to date at close to six miles. The new segment will pick up where the existing Sims Bayou Greenway leaves off at Scott Street. From there, the […]

Paranormal Cirque Will Be Premiering Their Newest Shows For The 2020 Tour In Your Area For A Limited Time Only!

This innovative show is the only one of its kind in the United States, presented by the creative and talented owner of Cirque Italia. Paranormal Cirque premiered in Florida in 2018, and has been garnering rave reviews and non-stop media coverage ever since! Our crew will be set up at Lone Star Convention & Expo Center with performances starting this Thursday! We are also committed to enforcing all safety guidelines recommended by the C.D.C. and any local and […]

TAXA Outdoors Seeks Nominations to Gift a Habitat-Getaway for the Holidays

One Houston-area family or individual will have the opportunity to take a TAXA Mantis or Cricket Habitat on the road to safely explore the outdoors in their local community TAXA Outdoors, the leading manufacturer of lightweight, mobile and adaptable human habitats for outdoor adventure, wants to offer a deserving person in the Houston area the opportunity to safely explore the outdoors during the holiday season with the gift of a free rental of TAXA’s Mantis or […]

How to Avoid and Prevent Common Motorcycle Accidents

Most people believe that having a car is the best way to get around without depending on public transportation. However, for others, cars can be too cumbersome. If you are looking for a convenient and fast means of transportation, a motorcycle may be more your speed! Riding a motorcycle usually gives an unparalleled sense of freedom, and the sound of the engine rumbling as you speed through traffic can make you feel unstoppable. Unfortunately, motorcycle […]

Decorating Tips for Winter

The freezing temperature of the winter season makes the prospect of stepping foot outside the home uninviting. This is why it is important to decorate the home in such a way that it provides the lasting warmth and comfort lacking in the snowy streets.  Luckily, a vast number of ideas exist for winter decoration, and we hope some of the ones mentioned here inspire you. 1.    An elegant wreath hanging on the front door We […]

The Science Behind How Exercise Reduces Your Stress and Anxiety

We all know that exercise and being physically active is good for us. It improves our physical condition and prevents potential diseases and illnesses in the future. But there is far more to exercise than you might think. It doesn’t just help us physically, it can also act as an effective stress reliever. Stress affects the brain, and as the brain controls our body with its many nerve connections, it’s fair to say when we […]

A Quick Guide to Selling Tickets for Virtual Events

Due to the current circumstances that have been enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic, most live events have been canceled. However, this did not stop event-goers and coordinators from finding alternative ways to keep the wheels turning! Virtual events have become all the rage now thanks to their convenience.  Although virtual events are not exactly a new concept, there has been a significant surge in those interested in attending them. If you are an event organizer, […]