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Great Ideas on How to Double your Money on Online Betting

Some people love doubling their money through investments, others like to take the fun route by gambling online. Betting on casino games or sports online has evolved over the years. But what’s amazing about the online gambling world is that it continues to attract people worldwide. People love it and they tell their friends and family about it. This has been increasing the overall users and the yearly profits for gambling businesses. One of the […]

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston launches new teen social justice initiative Be The Change You Want 2 See

HOUSTON, June 22, 2020 – Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston (BGCGH) just launched its new teen social justice initiative called Be The Change You Want 2 See with three events last week to educate and inspire teen Club members to be catalysts for social change and racial justice in Houston and our nation. The objective of the initiative is to amplify youth voices and activism through critical and intentional conversations, artistic expression and service learning projects. […]

Beat the Lockdown by Watching Hindi Movies Online with free VPN for Linux  

COVID-19 is now troubling the entire world, and one of the major industries which had been hit the worst is the film industries. The movie enthusiasts now do not have to option to go to the movie theatres as most of them are closed. So, the alternate option which is mostly gaining in popularity lately is the online platforms for watching movies. The entire entertainment industry is changing to online lately. For Hindi or Bollywood […]

Best apps for entrepreneurs during this pandemic, according to Gary Saitowitz

The world economy is reeling under the severe effects of the coronavirus pandemic as more and more people are losing jobs. Businesses are losing customers and sinking, and there is an enormous challenge for entrepreneurs to try to save their companies from drowning. There is scare and panic among people as they grapple with the unprecedented health and economic crisis that the planet is perhaps experiencing for the first time. However, businesses are trying to […]

Benefits of Having a Vacation Property Overseas

Who wouldn’t want to be able to travel abroad at the drop of a hat – especially nowadays – and escape to a new destination to get some much-needed rest. Virtually anyone would enjoy the luxury of easy travel and access to perfect accommodations at our fingertips, but it’s generally difficult to attain. However, if you are one of the lucky few able to travel and invest in a vacation home somewhere calm and sunny, […]

How To Determine The Right Bike Size For Your Child 

Choosing the right bike size for your child can be a bit difficult. This is due to the fact that children never stay in the same size for years and your parents can testify to that. But, seriously, you have to choose the right bike size for your child to make sure that he would feel comfortable maneuvering it around. And, if your child is still beginning to learn how to ride on it, then […]

How to Play and Win at Casinos

Gambling is a favored hobby by many, and there is no shortage of gamblers who claim to have a model for success that has seen them win every time they step foot on a casino floor. For the ordinary man, however, the casino is not as illustrious and is where we go to lose our money and feel sorry for ourselves. Still, notwithstanding, there are some sure-fire tactics and tips you can employ to win […]

Libraries’ Summer Reading Challenge – July Schedule Of Virtual Activities & Performances      

Because of the COVID-19 social-distancing recommendations, Fort Bend County Libraries (FBCL) is offering a different format for Summer Reading Challenge (SRC) programming this year – all activities are presented virtually so that families can participate from the comfort and safety of home! Videos of Mother Goose Time, Toddler Time, Story Time, and Middle School Programs will be posted on the FBCL website each week. Age-appropriate stories, songs, and puppet shows are featured in the Mother Goose Time […]

Local Artists Celebrate Juneteenth in Houston, Texas

Local artists and speakers will gather in Houston on Friday to perform a Juneteeth program that will be livestreamed to attendees WHAT: Tomorrow local speakers, spoken word artists, and musicians will gather in Houston, Texas to perform in honor of Juneteenth. Due to COVID-19 concerns, in lieu of having a physical audience present, the program will be livestreamed to attendees. WHERE: Performances will be livestreamed from Transier Bandstand at Discovery Green, near the intersection of […]

Child Advocates of Fort Bend Awarded Mentoring Grant  

Child Advocates of Fort Bend has been awarded an $80,000 Mentoring Grant from the National Court Appointed Special Advocate/Guardian ad Litem (CASA/GAL) Association for Children. Funds will be used to recruit, train and assign new volunteers to represent the best interests of children who have experienced abuse or neglect. Work done under the mentoring grant will target key populations such as American Indian/Alaska Native, rural and opioid-impacted youth. Funds from the grant will be distributed […]