Katy ISD Celebrates Veterans and Their Service  

KATY [November 12, 2019] –  A long-standing tradition of honoring former military service members took place on Veterans Day, with student tributes and guest speakers at campuses and facilities across Katy ISD. “So many of our students and staff made it a priority this past Monday to show their appreciation to those who have served our great country,” said Dr. Ken Gregorski, Superintendent of Katy ISD.  “Our school community realizes that without the sacrifices of our […]

Rotarians celebrating Veterans Day

The Katy Rotarians: George Yeiter Beverly Yeiter David Frishman Jeff Pantle (the General Contractor) Ken Burton.

As we thank them for their service, and observe Veteran’s Day, here we are today at the Freedom Park Memorial Tower.   The VFW Post Commander and VFW Post members and guests were in attendance, and prayers were offerd

Rain may be on the horizon in the West as a pattern change raises hope for wet weather

Rain may be on the horizon in the West as a pattern change raises hope for wet weather The forecast would bring the threat of rain and mountain snow to Northern California early next week as a storm system dives in from the Pacific. AccuWeather Global Weather Center – November 12, 2019 – As firefighters continue their efforts to control blazes across California, there is hope on the horizon for some assistance from Mother Nature early next […]

5 Fastest Ways to Have Your Essay Written from Scratch

Students have to deal with many things. Studies, endless assignments, tasks, papers… It is not surprising that they want to complete each task in the fastest way and to move to the next one. By the way, do you know how to get your essay written from scratch in the fastest way? We know some, and we are willing to share this valuable information with you. Order Your Essay from a Specialized Company If you […]

Can Medical Marijuana Help Aging Parents with Dementia?

Source Dementia is a condition that alters your thinking and memory, making it almost impossible to perform daily tasks. Different things from drug abuse to degenerative neurological diseases can cause dementia, which makes it even harder to treat it. Although various medications can help with treating dementia, most of them cause side effects. One alternative that most dementia patients are willing to try nowadays is medical marijuana. Cannabis has proved its efficacy in treating many diseases, […]

6 beginners Full Strength Training Plan For Women

If the fitness bug just got to you, then you know how it feels to catch up on a refreshing workout session every day. The energy and enthusiasm as a beginner are incredible. The entire gym is your ground to experience and enjoy. But as a beginner, the main question is how to exercise correctly. Common problem beginners face in the gym is, not knowing how to utilize the best of the facilities around. You […]

What Makes a Wall Mural Different?

Paint Paint is undoubtedly the most common way to decorate a room in the house. It’s comparatively easy and cheap for an amateur to put up a solid coat of decent paint on a wall. Unfortunately, painting a room requires a lot of prep. You’ll need to move furniture, tape the borders, and cover objects that can’t be moved. Paint also may or may not be washable and could fade after ten or so years […]

The holiday season brings out best and worst

Christmas brings out the needy, greedy, seedy, and unheedy. It is the best of times. It is the worst of times. The needy. This is the time of year for giving to those who are less fortunate. The charities in this country are phenomenal, both national and local. Top charities include: Toys for Tots, Make a Wish Foundation, Operation Christmas Child, Angel Tree, Salvation Army. And myriad local nonprofit organizations that reach out with warm […]

Fat-shaming Santa is naughty not nice

The jelly belly of jolly olé St. Nicholas is bothering the diet-obsessed. And they are fat-shaming Santa Claus. Fat phobia has reached the North Pole. The Keto crowd want children to put steak instead of cookie carbs on plates for Santa. Don’t forget the bacon. And a bucket of lard. The Paleo people want kids to leave nuts for Santa. A fitting food for a group of hunters and gatherers. The Vegan group suggest broccoli […]

Fake vs fir: What’s your holiday tree made of?

Real or artificial Christmas tree decorated with lights, ornaments, and tinsel? Which is the right choice? It depends on switch side of the aluminum or wooden fence you are on. Ho-ho-holarious. What’s your ho-ho-holiday tree made of? The overzealous environmentalists that sneak in, lay down, and block the path as you search at a tree farm shout, “Use artificial, you tree assassins!” The manufacturers of fake trees and the retail store owners and managers shout, […]