Year End Discussion for Brookshire Economic Development Council; Missing Computer Tablets

Tom Behrens The Brookshire Economic Commission in its final board meeting of 2022, December 1, discussed payment approvals for Verizon computer tablets,  Consolicated Com for Hovas Park, and Ubecoe Business Services. BEDC members present included President, Jeremiah Hill, Vice-President, Kathy Guy, Secretary/Treasurer, Mariela Aguilar, and Directors Quotatious Dunn, Susette Baines and Amanda Neuendorf. Also present were EDC Coordinator, Mike Barnes, Attorney, Justin Pruitt, and Administrative Assistant, Vickie Casto. Agenda Item #5 – Discuss and possible […]

Tesla And H-E-B Expanding into Empire West

Tom Behrens Mike Barnes, EDC Coordinator for Brookshire, confirmed 1.03  million sq. ft. has been leased by Tesla and 300,000 sq. ft. by HEB in the second phase of Empire West Business Park. Empire is located just east of Brookshire, between I-10 and Highway 90. Tesla signed a lease late last year according to real estate brokerages Cushman & Wakefield and Savills. Opening a large industrial facility in Brookshire would raise the small city’s profile […]

Brookshire Economic Council Meeting

By: Tom Behrens An item of discussion of the Brookshire Economic Council meeting on October 28, 2022, consisted of approval of a contract to paint the Waller County Historical Museum, among other city buildings. The Museum is located at 5th and Cooper Streets in Brookshire. Located in the historic Donigan home, it is recognized as one of the finest examples of a small “house” museum in the area. According to information available from Waller County […]

How to Prepare Your Business For its First Expo

Preparing your business for its first event can feel like quite an overwhelming process in both good and bad ways. It can be a sign that your venture is being seen as legitimated as you join fellow businesses to showcase what you’ve accomplished and what you strive to accomplish moving forward. Not only that, but it’s an opportunity to network, both with like-minded companies within your field and with people that may become your customers […]

Top Benefits of Car Title Loans 

There are occasions when you require a steady source of quick money because of the unpredictability of life. Although you might have already looked for the nearest pawn shop, did you realize there is another option that many people pass up? Auto pawning (also known as automobile title loans) is a long-established practice. Numerous people have benefitted from the simplicity and worth of this safe and legal transaction during that time. Continue reading to learn […]

Breakfasts to surprise. Tasty and healthy.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. How to diversify your usual diet, read in our new review. Breakfast recipes are very often used, so we have compiled a selection of the coolest breakfasts for you. Scientists have proven that it is impossible to ignore this meal. This is because the human body is just awakening, and it needs an impulse from the outside. That impulse is breakfast. It starts the metabolism, improves […]

New Brookshire City Budget Adopted

Tom Behrens … The new Brookshire City Budget will raise more total property taxes than last year’s budget by approximately $1,085,990.00, thirty-seven percent increase $271,00.00 over last year’s revenue. The large revenue jump will be fueled by new property added to the tax roll in the upcoming fiscal year. Revenue: Budget information includes $7,843,871.00 in projected revenue, and projected expenditures of $6,797,540.00. General Fund Revenue include such items as current Ad Valorem Tax ($4,079,367.00), Sales […]

Austin Rotter Discusses How Businesses Can Get into the Metaverse

Metaverse is evolving and quickly becoming a virtual reality where fun and business coexist. The renowned PR professional Austin Rotter has shared his two cents on how business can get into it easily. Metaverse seems like a world of imagination but that’s exactly what we are heading towards. So far, physical presence and interaction are required when it comes to purchasing goods and hiring or offering services. But wouldn’t it be cool if we can […]

How to Buy a Car without Spending More Than You Want To

Buying a new car is always exciting because the new models are invariably far more advanced, and trendier, and boost your status. However, it is easy to be tempted into buying something bigger, better, and more expensive than you can afford. Some tips for buying a set of wheels and not driving into debt: Get a Loan Preapproved Before Visiting the Dealer The best thing you can do when buying a car is to get […]

Empire West Business Park Nearing Completion

By Tom Behrens Brookshire Economic Development Commission, (EDC) Coordinator, Mike Barnes, shared with other members of the Commission at the EDC meeting, held Oct. 13, that Stream Realty has almost completed total construction in Empire West Business Park. In June 2020 stream broke ground on Phase 1, three buildings totaling, 1,036,057 square feet. Building one is 163,144 square feet and is occupied by Warefor Solutions LLC, a manufacturer of high quality home products. Building two […]