St.Brown Spoke About Racism and Packers Saved 3 Million at Taylor

The fight against racism has a long history but recently after an incident in the US, it has taken a new shape in the whole world. Now it may find its new battleground in the NFL as well. German-American football player of Green Bay Packers, Equanimeous St. Brown, believes further protests against racism in the NFL are possible. He is participating in the protest against violence caused by police towards black people in the US. […]

Bear Bryant And The Junction Boys

Coach Paul (Bear) Bryant with his 1954 Texas A&M Aggies. Photo by: Texas A&M Archives.

A legend in Tuscaloosa, you can’t discuss the history of the Alabama Crimson Tide without discussing Paul (Bear) Bryant. As much as Nick Saban and the current crop of Crimson Tide stars continue to put a stamp of domination on NCAA football, a true history of Alabama football can’t be penned without significant mention of what the team accomplished under Bryant’s tutelage. During his quarter century as head coach of the Crimson Tide from 1958-82, […]

US Women’s Soccer Team to Contest Key Ruling

US Women’s Soccer Team to Contest Key Ruling Credit – Pixabay / Flooy The United States Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT) have recently indicated they intend to appeal their case for equal pay after their original claim was dismissed by a court judge. The team were reported to be shocked and disappointed after their recent claim was dismissed by Judge Gary Klausner, who ruled that the pay aspect of their case did not warrant a trial. They […]

Exciting Times For Sports Betting Launch In Colorado

Sports betting in the United States has been up for debate for several years now, but when looking at the benefits it has had in 17 of the 50 States at this time, there are many wondering why others are hesitant to legalise this. In this article, we will be looking at the stance on Legal Betting in the USA and the benefits it has had in Colorado. Sports Betting In The United States Sports […]

NFL 2020: AFC East Win Total Picks and Predictions 

The shape of the AFC East is finally changing. The New England Patriots have owned the division for so many years, it’s almost hard to imagine any other outcome than a Pats division title. But Tom is gone … … and the Patriots are about to enter a rebuild that could put them in the middle of the pack instead of at the top. The Buffalo Bills are a defensive beast right now and have […]

The Astros Rebuild… Again

Born Into Obscurity For nearly one century, the Houston Astros were known instead as the Houston Buffaloes, which reigned in the city from 1888 until 1962. However, as major baseball leagues were restructured and the National League allowed for expansion franchises in Houston and New York City, the Buffaloes went extinct. The original baseball team was bought out and a public renaming poll was held in order to dub the new Houston baseball team. This […]

4 Key Golfing Tips For Beginners  

Golf ball on green grass ready to be struck at golf club,close up in golf coures at Thailand

Playing golf is a leisure activity that not many people get to enjoy. People get the idea that it is a difficult sport especially if you are a beginner. People also get the idea that it is an activity that only the rich can afford. After all, in most cases you only see golf courses on high end resorts. However, golf is a sport that all people can enjoy if you are really interested in […]

5 Ways Pitchers Can Stay Sharp And In Shape During The Long Interruption

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused either the indefinite suspension or cancellation of baseball seasons. Meanwhile, social distancing measures and stay-at-home orders have prevented players from working out in public facilities or participating in outdoor team activities like they normally would. Considering those obstacles and the uncertainty of when, or if, Major League Baseball and other age levels in summer leagues will resume, how do pitchers keep their arms in shape? And if they don’t, are […]

Cayla Won Signs for Women’s Swimming                                                                                                                 

By Tim Heiduk April 3, 2020 (SANTA BARBARA, Calif.) Cayla Won of Katy, Texas has signed for the Westmont women’s swimming team ahead of its second year as a program, head coach Jill Jones Lin announced. “I am excited to swim in the NAIA because I get the opportunity to represent Westmont, especially being a new team in the association,” Won said. “I hope to exhibit the NAIA’s core values that I believe define the […]

2 Ways to Improve Your Golf Game

Golf can be such an enjoyable sport. It can be an equally frustrating sport. You can be golfing, hitting bad shot after bad shot, and swear to yourself that you will never step foot on a golf course again. Then you’ll hit a shot so well, where the distance and accuracy were spot on, and the sound of your club hitting the golf ball was music to the ears. After that one shot, all of […]