Ben Rosado: A Handyman Whose Clients Trust Him to Get The Job Done Right

For well over a decade, Katy homeowners have discovered that Ben Rosado is an outstanding example of a high-quality handyman who can help them plan and implement from simple repairs to more complex remodeling projects that allow them to restore quality of life in their homes within a range of budgets and a long history of customer satisfaction.

A native of New York, Rosado pursued community college training in the carpentry profession right out of high school.

The college training covered the basics of many crafts including specialties for inside and outside the home ranging from drywall, trim work, finish work, and much more. At college, he was trained by professionals with multiple skill sets who helped him establish his dedication to quality control and high performance.

After he finished that training, he acquired his first professional job with a major construction company where he learned to hone his professional skills on a full range of work by experienced professional tradesmen who not only “took me under their wings but expected me to be a quick learner and very proficient,” Rosado remembers.

The company that gave him his first pathway into the industry did both residential and commercial work. Rosado chose the residential path and is pleased to say he never looked back at that decision.

In his work there, he acquired not only enhanced professional knowledge but advanced within the company to supervisory duties as well.

After several years under the guidance of industry experts and honing his own skills, Rosado branched out to create his own business as a 26-year-old entrepreneur armed with confidence that his career path was the right decision.

As an aside during this time, Rosado – a sports enthusiast – earned his security license under the banner of the NFL to work game days for the Buffalo Bills as well as other events at the arena where the team played. “I have always valued hard work but working those football games was an exciting change of pace.”

In fact, having moved to Houston, he continued his work in that regard at NRG Stadium.

Having married during that time, Rosado and his wife decided that a move to Texas’ booming economy made a lot of sense.

Katy proved to be a good destination in 2018. He founded Friendly Handyman specializing in residential repairs and remodeling – small to substantial projects in the booming economy of Houston and Katy.

Rosado is extremely broad-based in the services he can provide homeowners. From full kitchen and bathroom remodeling to flooring, window replacements, painting, and more, Rosado has the skills to bring his projects to successful completion.

His marketing always includes a due diligence disclosure that certain services such as specific electrical work, for example, do require licensed practitioners. Rosado says he is qualified to do most of the work on most of his projects but that when licensed work is required by law, he can help the homeowner choose, monitor, and closely describe that work to make sure that cost effectiveness is not lost.

One of the foundations of Rosado’s consistent customer satisfaction is dependent upon his open, totally candid discussions of any project at the very beginning before any work is done.

“Homeowners may not understand all the costs associated with a major kitchen or bathroom project, for instance, especially in older homes that have never undergone remodeling or major work in the past,” Rosado said.

“However, most of any project is very knowable in advance, and I take great care to make sure that a homeowner understands every dollar set to be spent,” Rosado said. “It doesn’t really cost me anymore to install a modestly priced oven or refrigerator than an expensive, state-of-the-art appliance,” Rosado said.

“My process is always to rigorously discuss every single dollar of the total project so that the costs are under control before the first dollar is spent.”

“There’s a wide range of prices on products that have little or no impact on labor costs,” he said. “So, my goal is to have a detailed discussion those issues relative to quality, endurance, and lifespan of the product.” Rosado said.

“However – particularly in older homes – when you get past the sheetrock, there can be surprises of past compromises or shortcuts that can cost money. In many if not most cases, I can anticipate such potential problems. But complete candor is the

only way to make sure that homeowners trust the end-product and the cost of what they are buying,” he added.

“Over the course of many years, I have been honored to earn an outstanding reputation from the vast, vast majority of my clients,” Rosado said. “Before the first work is done, my goal is to develop a bond of trust that the job will be done right.”

Rosado laughs when he recalls the story of a client for whom he had done a very major project. Sometime after the completion of that project, he got a call from the homeowner: “Can you come change the doorknobs and locks?”

Absolutely, he says. “No job is too big, and no job is too small. I am a friendly handyman and very proud of the relationships and work I have been privileged to do over many years now.”

You can contact Rosado at 585-402-2648 or


By Katy News Business Reporter