Alarming Increase in COVID-19 Cases Results in Local Health Authority Ordering Use of Face Masks in Schools 

To date, COVID-19 cases have increased 332% from early July 2021 With schools back in session, the Harris County Local Health Authority is implementing the use of facemasks on all public and non-religious private schools to protect the health of students and their families. This order is to be followed by students in any and all grades from pre-kindergarten through grade 12, and in all Licensed Child Care Centers offering care and education in Houston and Harris County, for the […]

COVID-19 Delta Variant Confirmed in 14 Residents in Harris County

All 14 Residents were Unvaccinated   Harris County Public Health (HCPH) reports 14 individuals in unincorporated Harris County contracted the COVID-19 Delta variant between April and June 2021. All 14 individuals were unvaccinated. The CDC reports nearly 25 percent of new COVID-19 cases were linked to the Delta variant and are up six percent from early June of this year. The Delta variant is much more contagious than the original strain of the virus and appears […]

Celebrate Your Independence from COVID-19

Unvaccinated Harris County Residents Continue at Risk of Getting COVID-19 Although cases have continued to decline, Harris County Public Health (HCPH) continues to receive reports of cases and COVID-19 related deaths every day.  Unvaccinated people remain at high risk of contracting COVID-19, including the highly contagious Delta variant. It is up to all of us to end the pandemic and to ensure that, more people must get vaccinated. COVID-19 vaccine and testing sites will be […]

Ages 12 and Up Get Vaccinated, Under 12 Get Tested

Vaccines work. COVID-19 cases are declining, but not enough people have been vaccinated yet to declare victory against the virus. Some parts of the country are still experiencing increases in COVID-19 cases of children and teens who need hospitalization, including some in ICUs. Children are not immune to COVID-19 and can become extremely ill or suffer long term health effects from it. Parents are strongly encouraged to get their children ages 12 and up vaccinated […]

Get Family Members Vaccinated or Tested

Less than 40% of the Population has been Vaccinated  Thanks to vaccinations, COVID-19 numbers are finally going in the right direction. Adult cases and deaths are declining. However, children’s cases have been increasing nationwide and children are getting sicker from the virus, but not being hospitalized or dying from COVID-19 in greater numbers. That’s why it is extremely important for parents to get their 12-17 year-old children vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine.  Twelve to 17-year-olds […]

Anyone 16 or Older Can Now Get a Vaccine at NRG Park With or Without an Appointment

Later Closing Times Starting Wednesday to Accommodate Working Families Effective immediately, anyone in Harris County or the greater Houston area will be able to receive the COVID-19 two-dose Pfizer vaccine at the FEMA Community Vaccination Center (CVC) at NRG Park with or without an appointment. Additionally, starting Wednesday, April 21, the CVC hours of operations are changing from 8 am to 5 pm to 12pm – 9pm to make it easier and more convenient for […]

Many People are Infected with, but Don’t Know It 

COVID-19 is still in Harris County and spreading until more people are vaccinated. If you or family members are not eligible yet, get tested. Four in 10 people who have COVID-19 don’t know because they don’t have symptoms, but are still contagious.  Until more people are vaccinated, testing and taking precautions, are our best tools to stop it. If you find out you have COVID-19, you can quarantine so you don’t infect others. If you […]

Don’t Get Frustrated, Get Tested!

Choose From 10 HCPH COVID-19 Test Site Locations February 1-7 With limited supplies of vaccine and everyone trying to get vaccinated, it’s easy to be frustrated. However, testing is still an effective way to help protect you and your family from COVID-19. Many people have the virus with no symptoms and are infecting others without knowing it. Testing is the only way to know.  There are many free COVID-19 test sites. Harris County Public Health […]

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You and Those You Love

Get Tested for COVID-19 – Find an HCPH Test Site Near You Four in 10 people who are infected don’t know they have COVID-19 because they don’t have symptoms, but are still contagious. Find out if you have the virus by getting tested. If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, and most people haven’t, the risk is increasing for you and your loved ones to contract the virus. Cases, hospitalizations and deaths are rising nationally and […]

Get Free and Quick Testing at HCPH Test Sites

Even if you only visited with family members during the holidays, you should all get tested. COVID-19 infections from Christmas and New Year’s will begin to appear in the next week or two. It usually takes two to three weeks after people have been exposed to the virus for them to become infected, develop symptoms, get tested and receive their results. Don’t wait. Get tested now to find out if you have COVID-19. High risk […]