Dr. Edward O. Uthman, MD

As people get out and start getting comfortable, some with vaccines and some without, we are seeing new strands of COVID in the hospital and in FB county we are seeing more COVID positive tests. Could this be due to the new Delta variance first detected in India? In the hospital lab we do not check for the individual variance, but the County and State Health Departments do check, and the CDC monitors and it […]

Katy ISD Closes COVID-19 Testing Site and Continues Randall’s Pharmacy Vaccination Partnership

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By George Slaughter The Katy Independent School District said Thursday that it will close its COVID-10 and RediMD testing site as the pandemic focus turns from testing to vaccinations. However, it will maintain its COVID-19 Dashboard and Positive Self-Reporting options. In a news release, the district said Friday would be the last day the testing site would be open. The district said over 27,520 rapid tests have been given to students, staff, and qualifying dependents. […]

Get Family Members Vaccinated or Tested

Less than 40% of the Population has been Vaccinated  Thanks to vaccinations, COVID-19 numbers are finally going in the right direction. Adult cases and deaths are declining. However, children’s cases have been increasing nationwide and children are getting sicker from the virus, but not being hospitalized or dying from COVID-19 in greater numbers. That’s why it is extremely important for parents to get their 12-17 year-old children vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine.  Twelve to 17-year-olds […]

Big Dogs, Big Hearts: Harris County Pets to Host Valentine’s Day Adoption Special Feb. 11-14

Love is in the air for our larger-than-life friends at Harris County Pets (HCP) this Valentine’s Day. From Feb. 11-14, we are offering $14 adoption fees for all dogs over 40 pounds.  Adoption fees include spay/neuter, vaccinations, annual pet license and microchip.   “Larger dogs bring many benefits to adopters and their families” said Dr. Michael White, DVM, MS, director of Harris County Veterinary Public Health, which operates the Harris County Pets Resource Center. “They make loyal […]