Starting Tomorrow NRG Park will Administer the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen Vaccine Again

NRG Will Offer Both Johnson & Johnson/Janssen and Pfizer Vaccines The NRG Park vaccine site, operated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Harris County Public Health (HCPH) and the City of Houston (COH), will resume administering the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine beginning on Sunday, May 2. The U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) had paused the use of the vaccine for 11 days to investigate six cases of extremely rare blood clots. Almost seven million people had been vaccinated with […]

Get Vaccinated! Help to Protect Yourself and Others

The good news is more and more people are getting vaccinated in Harris County, but it’s still not enough to stem the tide of COVID-19 infections. Until cases decrease, if you or your children aren’t vaccinated, getting tested is your best defense. Knowing if you are infected allows you to protect yourself and others. If you do have COVID-19, you can quarantine so you don’t spread the virus. To make sure you don’t get seriously […]

Get Tested Now if You are Unvaccinated and Were Around Many People at Easter

Enough Time has Passed for You to Test Positive if You Were Exposed to COVID-19 If you were infected with COVID-19 during Easter weekend, it takes 5-7 days for your body to develop enough of the virus for the test to detect. Get tested now because knowledge is power.  If you are positive, you can watch for symptoms to make sure you don’t become seriously ill and can quarantine for 14 days to protect others. […]

Many People are Infected with, but Don’t Know It 

COVID-19 is still in Harris County and spreading until more people are vaccinated. If you or family members are not eligible yet, get tested. Four in 10 people who have COVID-19 don’t know because they don’t have symptoms, but are still contagious.  Until more people are vaccinated, testing and taking precautions, are our best tools to stop it. If you find out you have COVID-19, you can quarantine so you don’t infect others. If you […]

Representative Jacey Jetton Files Medical Reciprocity Bill

State Representative Jacey Jetton

State Representative Jacey Jetton announces a bill giving doctors and nurses the ability to practice in Texas. House Bill 1780 gives doctors and nurses the ability to practice in Texas if their license is substantively the same as what is required in Texas.    “In the wake of COVID-19, Governor Abbott provided a fast-track for certain medical professionals to obtain a license to practice in Texas,” Jetton said. “House Bill 1780 will provide greater access […]

Harris County Commissioners Court Approves an Additional 2.6 Million Dollars in Eviction Prevention

Harris County Commissioners Court approved additional spending of $2.6 million to speed rent relief to residents who have lost jobs due to the COVID-19 event. The program seeks the involvement of Harris County property landlords in support of the eviction prevention measures. The program obtained approval at the January 26, 2021 Harris County Commissioners Court meeting. “Harris County continues to search out available funding to provide relief to our residents during this time when so […]

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You and Those You Love

Get Tested for COVID-19 – Find an HCPH Test Site Near You Four in 10 people who are infected don’t know they have COVID-19 because they don’t have symptoms, but are still contagious. Find out if you have the virus by getting tested. If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, and most people haven’t, the risk is increasing for you and your loved ones to contract the virus. Cases, hospitalizations and deaths are rising nationally and […]

Bayou City Art Festival Scheduled to Return in Fall 2021

The Art Colony Association, Inc. (ACA), the producer of Bayou City Art Festival, announced the return of Houston’s signature in-person art event, Bayou City Art Festival Downtown, in October 2021 in accordance with current health and safety protocols mandated by the City of Houston. “We look forward to welcoming our artists, sponsors, guests and nonprofit partners back to an in-person festival in the fall when we anticipate the City of Houston will allow large in-person […]

UHV To Stay In Phase 2 Of Reopening Plan For At Least Semester Start

University of Houston-Victoria administrators announced Monday afternoon that the university would remain in Phase 2 of the university’s COVID-19 reopening plan when the spring semester begins on Jan. 19. “We made this decision based on the high hospitalization rate in Victoria County and the infection rate in Texas,” UHV President Bob Glenn said. “The safety of our campus community continues to be of paramount importance.” The university previously moved its reopening plan from Phase 3 […]

HCPH Encourages Everyone to Get Tested for COVID-19

Whether you attended large, small or no holiday gatherings at all, everyone should get tested as soon as possible. Harris County’s COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths are increasing at alarming rates. New infections from holiday gatherings and travel will add to those numbers in coming weeks. In addition, many people have the virus and don’t know it, 4 out of 10 people don’t have any symptoms but are still contagious. They can infect family and friends who […]