Harris County Public Health

Lead Poisoning is Preventable

National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week is October 22-28 Exposure to lead can cause serious harm to the brain, nervous system, and reproductive system. Infants and young children are especially vulnerable to lead dust exposure. During National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week (NLPPW), October 22-28, Harris County Public Health’s (HCPH) Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (LPP) continues to educate and raise awareness about childhood lead poisoning. Through the Lead Abatement Program, HCPH also works to provide lead-free housing […]

Rabies is a Fatal but Preventable Disease that Can Spread to Pets and People

Today is World Rabies Day – Make sure your pets are current with their rabies vaccines In observance of World Rabies Day today, Harris County Public Health (HCPH) and Harris County Pets (HCP) remind pet owners to keep their furry companions up to date with their rabies vaccines and protect them from the virus. Rabies is a deadly but preventable virus that can spread from animals to humans. According to the Centers for Disease Control […]

Sexual Health Matters

September is Sexual Health Awareness Month – Take Charge of Your Sexual Health! September is Sexual Health Awareness Month, a crucial initiative to raise awareness about the significance of sexual health and well-being. This annual observance reminds individuals and couples to prioritize their sexual health and foster open, honest conversations about intimacy. Avoiding these conversations can lead to future problems for sexual partners. Sexual Health Awareness Month is not just about discussing the prevention of […]

Prostate Cancer is One of the Most Common Cancers Among Men

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month – Get Screened! As September marks Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, Harris County Public Health (HCPH) wants to raise awareness about prevention to reduce the impact of this prevalent disease. Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers among men, but the risk can be significantly reduced through early detection and informed lifestyle choices. Prostate cancer affects the prostate gland, a small organ located below the bladder in men. The prostate […]

Breastfeeding Builds Stronger Communities

August is National Breastfeeding Month August is National Breastfeeding Month. Harris County Public Health (HCPH) aims to educate and raise awareness about the numerous benefits of breastfeeding while encouraging support for breastfeeding persons across the United States. Many parents want to breastfeed their babies but often stop early because they don’t receive enough support. Certain factors can make a big difference in how long babies are breastfed. According to the Centers for Disease Control and […]

Mosquito Season is in Full Swing!

It’s National Mosquito Control Awareness Week – Protect Yourself Against Mosquito Bites! Harris County residents have been hearing the buzzing and have been scratching from bites for weeks. This is because of increased mosquito activity. You may not realize however, that many mosquitoes come from around your own homes. National Mosquito Control Awareness Week, observed from June 18 – 24, 2023, is a good time to remember that all mosquitoes require water to breed. Therefore, […]

The Harris County Public Health’s Mosquito and Vector Control Division is Activating Evening Spray Operations

Harris County Public Health’s (HCPH) Mosquito and Vector Control Division (MVCD) has confirmed that a Culex quinquefasciatus mosquito sample has tested positive for West Nile virus (WNV) in Harris County.  The positive sample was collected from a mosquito trapping site in southwest Harris County, Zip Code 77005. In response to WNV being identified, HCPH’s MVCD is activating evening spray operations in the area where the positive mosquito sample was found and in surrounding areas.  The operation will […]

Gun Violence is the Leading Cause of Death for Children in the United States

June is Gun Violence Awareness Month – A Call for Action and Prevention Gun violence is a public health crisis, and it is urgent to raise awareness and reflect on the importance of gun violence education and prevention.  The number of mass shootings across the country continues to grow, and we must work collectively towards effective preventive measures.  June is Gun Violence Awareness Month and Harris County Public Health (HCPH) highlights the alarming statistics and […]

Hurricane Season is Here for the Next Six Months

Make plans for each family member, especially for those with specific needs and don’t forget your pets! Hurricane season begins June 1, and living in the Houston area, it’s important to take action now to make things easier for ourselves and our loved ones.  In the event of a powerful rainstorm or hurricane, you could be without basic utilities, such as electricity, water, gas, phone, and internet for three days or more. Additionally,  periods of […]

Mental Health Affects Everyone – Take a Mental Health Break!

May is Mental Health Awareness Month May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and Harris County Public Health (HCPH) is emphasizing the importance of self-care by reminding residents to check on their mental health. Mental health is important at every stage of life, influences how we respond to stress, and affects how we relate to others. It’s natural to feel stress, anxiety, grief, and worry during challenging times, experts say. Feeling strong emotions or excessive stress, […]