StrictionBP Review: StrictionBP Scam Or Legit? Does It Control Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure cannot be overlooked. It is silently killing millions every year. It can cause kidney damage, heart diseases, anxiety, stress, headaches, and much more life-threatening issues. Many drugs claim to lower blood pressure. But it also stops blood circulation to the heart and other important organs. So it may cause more health issues. Big pharma specifically creates these medications to make sure it doesn’t solve the high blood pressure issue permanently, making sure […]

Here’s How Emergency Medicine Locum Tenens Are Helpful For The Hospitals

Emergency Medicine Locum Tenens – this is a common term that you may have heard in the medicine industry. Emergency medicine locums allow the hospitals to cover another doctor’s medical leave by a temporary doctor or physician. It usually happens on account of increasing patient demand in the hospital or during the time of an emergency, when the permanent doctor/surgeon is unavailable. Many hospitals have started choosing emergency medicine locums in their staff more than […]

Best DNA Experiments for High School Science Classes

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid in full) is the hereditary material present in most living things responsible for function and development. There are two types of DNA: autosomal DNA and mitochondrial DNA. The offspring acquires the autosomal or nuclear DNA is from their parents. Each parent, male and female, contributes 23 chromosomes, which add up to 46 chromosomes. The mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is inherited from the maternal side and is present in the mitochondria. The properties of DNA include: […]

4 Top Benefits of CBD Edibles Revealed

CBD is becoming one of the most vastly used supplements. This is because the cannabis plant produces CBD, which is a cannabinoid. While Cannabidiol does not produce the same psychoactive high as THC, it does have a good impact on overall health and well-being. However, aside from using a vape pen or ingesting a capsule, how do you take CBD? CBD edibles are a good alternative if you want to avoid smoking. Here are four […]

Agricultural Losses Caused By Winter Storm Surpass $600 Million

Preliminary data shared by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service reveals that winter storm Uri led to agricultural losses worth $600 million. “Many farmers, and others engaging in commercial agriculture in Texas were the most affected by winter storm Uri,” said Jeff Hydes. The AgriLife Extension Bryan-College Station director adds that the freezing temperatures and ice harmed and even killed crops and livestock, resulting in financial difficulties. What’s more, the residual costs and operational setbacks caused by the […]

Tips for Enhancing Workout Gains

For fitness enthusiasts, working out is as important as eating and sleeping. You likely never miss your fitness routines and plan your social life around your workouts. Given the effort and hard work that goes into getting in shape, this level of care is both understandable and necessary. However, there is a possibility you can get a lot more out of the time and work you are putting lifting weights and exercising. Our tips for […]

Tooth Care Tips with Pardip Sansi Dentist in the UK

  It can be a hard task to find a new dentist, whether you have recently moved to a new area or you want to change your dentist. It is a good idea to consider the many options you have to choose from. You should remember that the dentist is always there for you and want to do the best for your oral health according to dentist Pardip Sansi. The article is going to help […]

COVID-19 Trial to Combat Delta Variant

UT Health Science Center at Houston, Baylor College of Medicine and Johns Hopkins University are enrolling for two new Covid-19 treatment and prevention studies in the Houston metro area. If you have recently been diagnosed with COVID-19, you may be eligible, and participants will be compensated up to $575. This is the first U.S. multi-center, double-blind, randomized clinical trial to assess the effectiveness of convalescent blood plasma as an outpatient therapy. Antibodies are one of […]

First Child Heatstroke Death of the Year in Texas The Dangers of Leaving Children Alone in or Around Cars

Although Texas leads the nation in child heatstroke deaths, the state did go nearly 7 months into 2021 without a child dying from heatstroke in a vehicle. Sadly, that changed on July 16th when a 3-year-old child was found unresponsive in a vehicle in Tyler, Texas, making this the first heatstroke death of the year in Texas and the ninth child heatstroke death for the nation in 2021. These deaths are totally preventable. From 1998 through […]

LifeGift and Ossium Health Offer Hope with Bone Marrow Clinical Application

LifeGift, the organ procurement organization (OPO) facilitating organ and tissue donation in Southeast, West and North Texas, and Ossium Health, a therapeutics company harnessing the power of stem cell science to improve treatment for patients with blood and immune diseases, are proud to announce a collaborative partnership. In 2017, LifeGift was the first OPO to work with Ossium and this ongoing partnership resulted in the successful banking of cells from their first clinically transplantable donor […]