Questions to Ask Before Buying an Air Filter for Your Home

Air filters are a low-key sentinel of home air. They remove dust and other particles in the air, forced in and out of the HVAC units. You can get air filters delivered from an experienced service provider that has a significant effect on the operation of your heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system at home. Air filters come in various sizes, assisting in clean air circulation inside your house. However, it is not the only criteria to […]

How Does Your Sense Of Security Stack Up With Crime Rates?

When you’re at home, you want to know and feel like you’re safe. There are a lot of technology innovations for security that have evolved over the years to make people feel more safe and comfortable in their home. From cameras to full on surveillance systems, homeowners can record the goings-on nearby to their house which is incredibly helpful in terms of protecting their property. Outside the home, people still want to know that they […]

What We Do with Our Waste Is So Important – Here’s Why

Waste collection is what protects our environment and health. Unfortunately, when the subject of environmental safety is brought up, many people still don’t believe that their actions can make a difference. But, we are here to inform you that you can, indeed, affect positive change. If each person did their part and took on personal responsibility to reduce waste in their everyday life, it would have positive environmental and economic impacts. On that note, let’s […]

The New Nursing Normal Is Anything But Normal Especially In A Covid Unit  

Left to Right: Preeti Shah, Ryan Cutab, Roji Devakulam, Caleb Nyameino, Sonia Joseph, Shallene Oliver, and Alhaji Baba.

Richmond, Tx…The face of nursing has changed since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic nursing could be a tough job. Since COVID-19, the job of nursing has a new face, especially when working on a designated COVID unit. A week before COVID became a pandemic, Brandy Snyder accepted the position of 4th Floor Medical Surgical Manager. Then, her new floor became the COVID unit. Now Snyder manages the 4th Floor Medical Surgical/COVID unit where positive […]

Lockdown living

The world is reopening and I need to return to social norms and hygiene habits prior to COVID-19. Life after lockdown requires diligence to return to previous routines and schedules. First, I want to make a confession and come clean—soapy clean. Daily bathing during the shutdown didn’t happen until May when the weather warmed. No commute to the office allowed for less showering. My hubby and I stocked up on food and hunkered down with […]

Leptitox Reviews: Does the Fat Burner Really Work?

Who doesn’t want to lose weight! These days, you will find several fat loss supplements in the market, but not all of them are worth the money. Well, that is what we are here to help you with. Since you have opened this page, you might already be aware of Leptitox. Here, we are going to offer an up-to-date and fact-based review. You can be sure of that. To be honest, there is plenty of […]

The Difference Between E-Cigarettes and Traditional Cigarettes

closeup of hand of woman with e-cigarette

Even if it bears the name, an e-cigarette is not really a cigarette. In the classic sense, a cigarette is made of paper with tobacco rolled up in it. This cigarette, whether it is already rolled or rolled, is lit. The smoker inhales cigarette smoke, which contains tar, hydrocyanic acid, fine dust, carbon monoxide, and many other substances. The smoke wanders around from the smoker and the constantly smoking cigarette and thus also incenses the […]

Feeling Stressed? These 11 New Things Can Help

Dealing with stress is never an easy task. People are looking forward to spending some time with their families, going on vacations, traveling, etc. The only thing that stands in their way, spoiling the cheerful mood, is stress. Fortunately, many great products can help you relax and relieve stress. Read on to find out about 11 new things that can help. The Shift 14k Gold If you’re constantly exposed to situations that cause you to […]

Exercises that can help in better sex

Doing regular exercise is very much important to stay fit and healthy throughout life. It is only if you are healthy that you are able to work really hard to earn reputation and wealth. Also, staying healthy is very much important in life as it impacts your relationships a lot, in terms of sex. People do not often talk about the ratio of sex with a healthy life and relationships. It is quite obvious that […]

Harris County Outdoor Gatherings of 10 or More People Prohibited,  Exception for Some Independence Day Activities

Yesterday Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo issued a new Order stating that outdoor gatherings estimated to be in excess of 10 people in Harris County are prohibited. This order is in effect until at least 11:59 PM on Wednesday, August 26th. Full text of the order will be made available here: Understanding the Order Outdoor gatherings and activities where more than 10 people will be present are not allowed. The local and state face covering […]