Hurricane Season is Here for the Next Six Months

Make plans for each family member, especially for those with specific needs and don’t forget your pets!

Hurricane season begins June 1, and living in the Houston area, it’s important to take action now to make things easier for ourselves and our loved ones.  In the event of a powerful rainstorm or hurricane, you could be without basic utilities, such as electricity, water, gas, phone, and internet for three days or more. Additionally,  periods of flooding can restrict access to roadways making it difficult to get food or medicine. Planning ahead of time will help you cope with the loss of necessities, especially if you have loved ones with specific needs.

It is important to note that it does not take a hurricane or even a tropical storm, to cause power outages or flooding in our community. For people new to Harris County who have not experienced a hurricane season along the Gulf Coast, or long-time residents who need a refresher, Harris County Public Health (HCPH) has tips to help you prepare before, during, and after a storm.

Disaster preparation items to have on hand:

  • Water: one gallon per person per day, for five days
  • Five-day supply of non-perishable food
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Cash (in case you lose power and ATMs are not available)
  • Copies of important documents in a sealable waterproof bag
  • Medicine: five-day supply of any medication you or family members take regularly. Also, include any accessories you need for that medication like a pill splitter, syringes, glucose monitors, etc.

Create a personalized emergency plan for people with chronic conditions, people with disabilities, or older adults

  • Where you can go in an emergency and how will you get there
  • What you should bring with you
  • Who you should call for help
  • Let your family, friends, and others who may help know what your plans are
  • Know how you will get information about an emergency as it develops
  • Carry personal protective equipment and prescriptions you have on hand
  • Talk with your doctor about how to get an emergency supply of medicines/medical supplies, or what to do in case of a stoppage due to a disaster.

Don’t forget about your pets! For pet owners, weather emergencies require some additional planning and supplies to ensure your pet is safe. Microchip your pet, keep them tagged, and make arrangements for their needs.

Find a list of common necessary items to include in your disaster supplies kit, safety tips for power outages, and how to remove mold if your home floods by accessing the HCPH preparedness extreme weather.  To keep up to date on latest hurricane season information and current storm updates, evacuation zones and routes, visit