COVID-19 testing

Find a Test Site Near You and Get Tested Early in the Week

All Harris County Public Health COVID-19 Test Sites are closed Easter Sunday and some sites are also closed the Friday and Saturday before Easter. If you or family members haven’t been vaccinated yet, find a site near you and make a testing appointment for early in the week. COVID-19 is still spreading in Harris County. Nationwide, some communities with high vaccination rates are beginning to see alarming increases in COVID-19 cases. It’s too soon to […]

Get the Whole Family Tested During Spring Break 

 There is a Waitlist for Vaccines, but not Testing! Pile the family in the car and…go get tested! Not your normal Spring Break activity, but nothing about this past year has been normal, though we are getting closer. With three vaccines now available in Harris County and the state expanding eligibility to people over 50 (1Cs), we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, we’re just not there yet. Vaccine supplies are […]