Ages 12 and Up Get Vaccinated, Under 12 Get Tested

Vaccines work. COVID-19 cases are declining, but not enough people have been vaccinated yet to declare victory against the virus. Some parts of the country are still experiencing increases in COVID-19 cases of children and teens who need hospitalization, including some in ICUs. Children are not immune to COVID-19 and can become extremely ill or suffer long term health effects from it. Parents are strongly encouraged to get their children ages 12 and up vaccinated and those under 12 tested.

Life can’t return to normal until we are all safe from COVID-19 and that requires everyone who can, to be vaccinated. Appointments are not required at HCPH vaccine sites throughout Harris County. To find one near youclick here. If you prefer to make an appointment, go to or call 832-927-8787. Twelve to 17-year-olds are eligible for the Pfizer vaccine. They must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to be vaccinated or bring a consent form signed by their parent or guardian. Consent forms are at

Getting children 12 and under tested helps protect them because they may have COVID-19 and not seem sick. Four out of ten people have no symptoms but are still contagious. If a child is infected, parents can keep them home and monitor them to make sure they don’t get sick or infect other people. Testing is free, quick at HCPH sites and results come back in 48 hours. No appointments are needed, click here to find a site near you or call 832-927-7575.