What to Know Before You Go to Your First Horse Riding Lesson

Even the greatest equestrian was once a beginner. And it’s pretty exciting picking out your gear when you’re going on your first horseback ride. But, some simple and avoidable mistakes could make your first lesson uncomfortable either for you or the horse- or even both.  So, make sure to prepare adequately before going to your first lesson. We’ve prepared some tips to help you prepare and make your first lesson a memorable experience.  Work on […]

Keto Premiere Dischem (South Africa) SCAM Or LEGIT? Read Before BUY!!!

Dieting is hard for a lot of people, and some of us need some support. That’s why we want to tell you about a new supplement called Keto Premiere! This formula is made to work best with the keto diet to help anyone see better results and get a body that they love and feel confident in and proud of. It’s our firm belief that everyone deserves to love what they see in the mirror, […]