Cross Creek Veterinary Hospital Brings Veterinary Centric Care For All Pets In The Katy Community

Cross Creek Veterinary Hospital (formerly Brixton Pet Hospital and Resort) is accepting appointments for canine and feline patients, 6 days a week, to the community of Katy and beyond. The hospital, located at 4611 FM 1463, is under new management, with Dr. Matt Duff leading the experienced veterinary care team. Due to the community’s increasing pet care needs, Dr. Duff has built a new practice that offers much more veterinary-centric care, ensuring that the bond […]

Are Cat Products Review Sites Trustworthy?

Do you have pets at home? Then you must be aware that their diet requirements and consumption needs are very different from human beings. If you have cats, you must understand that amino acids and vitamins are crucial for the normal functioning of the pet. If you are looking for avenues for purchasing food items for your pets, you may have come across online stores. These days’ people are more into the online buying-selling process. […]

Facing an Animal Overpopulation, Harris County Pets Extends Adoption Special for All Available Cats and Dogs

HCP Seeks Communitywide Support from Residents and Rescue Partners to Help Pets Find Forever Homes   WHAT:          Harris County Pets (HCP), which waived adoption fees for all available cats and dogs at its facility last weekend, is extending its adoption special through Sunday, June 20.  All pets adopted at HCP are spayed/neutered, receive age-appropriate vaccinations, are microchipped and receive their Harris County pet license for one year. WHERE:      Harris County Pets 612 Canino Road Houston, Texas 77076 WHEN: […]

Featured Heartworm Positive Dogs at Harris County Pets

Below are select heartworm positive dogs available for adoption at Harris County Pets. Visit for a viewing of all adoptable pets. All adoptions at HCP include spay/neuter, microchip with lifetime registration, a one-year Harris County pet license and age- appropriate vaccinations. You can schedule an appointment by calling (281) 999-3191 or selecting an appointment date and time on the Qless app, downloadable on all mobile devices.   Name: Hondo Animal ID: A574673 Breed: Pit Bull mix Gender: Male Approximate age: 5 years Weight: 40 pounds Hondo was one of two stray dogs picked up by Harris County animal control on May 12 after a Spring resident reported that he witnessed both dogs being dumped from a vehicle that drove away from his neighborhood. Hondo is a mild-mannered guy who loves the company of humans and has interacted well with other dogs in weekly play groups at Harris County Pets. If adopted, he is eligible for free heartworm treatment through the Heal a Heart program, made possible on donations from citizens […]

How Dangerous A Dog Bite Can Actually Be And What To Do After

Dogs are adorable companions and people often share countless endearing moments with their dogs. However, it may also have its risks and you should be well aware of those. Even if your furry friend is absolutely healthy and has been sharing a playful time with you or a friend or family, sometimes an innocent bite happens. Your dog has a very sharp pair of canines that can give a scratch quite easily or leave a […]

The Tremendous Benefits Of CBD Oil For Your Pets

Pet wellness is becoming more popular in this age and time. CBD oil is the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when pet health is mentioned. Well, it’s important to understand that CBD oils are cannabinoids found in hemp or marijuana. However, these oils do not contain delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), responsible for the hype that people get when they take recreational marijuana. Research shows that this oil is essential for pets as it can maintain […]

A Simple Guide to Know How To Take Care of Your Cat

Cats are fluffy and affectionate, which is just one thing that cat owners love about them. Research has shown that cat owners can also get health benefits from keeping a cat. For instance, cats can be soothing, and when you are petting your cat can trigger your brain to release chemicals that calm you down and help reduce anxiety and stress. When you are exposed to the fur and dander that your cat produces, you […]

All About Pet Injury Coverage

Your pets are a very important part of your family, which is why it’s so important to make sure you can take care of them if they get hurt. No matter how well you take care of your pet, accidents can still happen, which is why it’s important to be prepared. Vet bills can be very expensive, especially in the event that your pet is seriously injured. Pet injury insurance can help protect you financially […]

Pet Cloning: Everything You Should Know About

If you thought NASA taking monkeys to space was crazy, here’s even more crazy news. Cloning pets is officially a thing! Yes. As of 2021, the cloning of pets marks 17 years since the first pet – a cat named Little Nicky – was cloned. This happened way back in 2004, even before cat videos and YouTube were a thing. The practice has quickly grown over the years. Science never ceases to amaze us, but […]

Art for Animals T-Shirt Design Contest

Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP) is searching for the Houston-area’s best young artists, ages 18 and under to help promote pet adoption! WHAT: The Art for Animals T-Shirt Design Contest is a chance for young artists to put their skills to good use by raising awareness of animal welfare and pet adoption. Top Five Citizens for Animal Protection will select the top 5 entries. Those entries will be shared on our social media pages, website, and […]