Art for Animals T-Shirt Design Contest

Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP) is searching for the Houston-area’s best young artists, ages 18 and under to help promote pet adoption! WHAT: The Art for Animals T-Shirt Design Contest is a chance for young artists to put their skills to good use by raising awareness of animal welfare and pet adoption. Top Five Citizens for Animal Protection will select the top 5 entries. Those entries will be shared on our social media pages, website, and […]

The Maine Coon Cat

The Internet has done wonders for cats. From websites to social media to apps, cats of all types are often front and center. People all over the world are exposed to a multitude of cat breeds daily. One of the most popular breeds is the Maine Coon, also known as the American Long Hair. One look and anyone with a cat fancy is enamored. To begin with, Maine Coons are strikingly large – as in […]

Should You Give Your Pet Cannabidiol?

Written by: Keith J. Myers – the Founder & Editor in Chief of Health Canal Most vets recommend that you don’t give your dog an intoxicating THC amount. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, while CBD is non-psychoactive therefore considered safe. People have been using CBD now for specific health conditions like anxiety, epilepsy, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and pain, among many other conditions. It also turns out that using CBD for our pets is […]

5 Reasons to Buy CBD Oil for Cats

Watching cat videos on the internet is everyone’s favorite pastime, and not without reason. Underneath all that fur and cold stares is a loving and lively creature that melts hearts and chases all sorts of things while also sleeping in the oddest of spots. All that activity does take its toll on our furry little friends, particularly on its joints. Older cats will feel it in particular. However, with CBD Oil for cats, you can […]