Best Road Trips To Take Around Texas This Summer

Google Trends data compiled during the last five years reveals that search interests related to road trips favor Texas, according to Beaumont Enterprise. Going on a road trip in Texas is a perfect way for creating lasting memories on the open road. Being the largest state in the US, there’s plenty to explore and endless activities that make your travel experience thrilling and unforgettable. However, to make the most of your vacation, you need to pick your routes carefully. Below are the best road trips to take around Texas this summer.

Mineral Wells to Marble Falls

The journey to Marble Falls starts in Mineral Wells, a small North Texas town known for its hot springs believed to have healing properties. As you drive between these unusual destinations, make a stop at the Baker Hotel. This is an abandoned, lavish resort that once served as a training spot for the country’s best baseball teams, and it’s a must-see.

You should also take a detour via Hico on your journey down south to experience a unique taste of tiny town living. Next, stop at Lampasas at the Hancock Springs Park, and take a dip in the oldest swimming pool, fed by pure spring water. Once you arrive at Marble Falls, you’ll have a perfect view of limestone caverns, miles of vineyards, and old-growth forest. You can go hiking, mountain biking, zip lining, and hang gliding.

Georgetown To San Antonio

Traveling from Georgetown to San Antonio is a great way to enjoy a trip off the beaten path, but planning is vital. So, prepare your itinerary, pack smart, and keep your car in good condition. During routine car maintenance, check the fuel in the tank to ensure it hasn’t degraded to avoid mechanical malfunction. Remember that the shelf life of gasoline and diesel vary, with gasoline lasting three to six months, while diesel stays up to one year.

Once you hit the road to San Antonio, there are five jaw-dropping natural swimming holes that you should take a dip in. These holes include the Blue Hole lagoon, Barton Springs, and San Marcos Springs. Besides swimming, there are many things you can do in Georgetown and San Antonio. For example, you can go biking or hiking on the San Gabriel trail, go on an inner space cavern adventure tour in Georgetown, explore the San Antonio Riverwalk, and visit the art museum in San Antonio.

Route 66

Route 66 is a popular road trip route, but it covers a short stretch in the Lone Star State. It will take you one to two days to drive from Shamrock to Glenrio, or vice versa. From Shamrock, you’ll head to Amarillo, where you can go shopping for chic antiques and enjoy a variety of Southern food.

The Cadillac Ranch, along Route 66, is a must-visit attraction site. Here, you’ll get a picturesque view of the 1974 art featuring 10 cars sticking out of the desert landscape. As you head down in Adrian, stop by Midpoint cafe for a classic American cuisine served in a 1950s style-diner. Also, visit the Vega Motel and Dot’s mini museum as you get close to the New Mexico border.

Going on a road trip round Texas is an excellent way to explore nature and indulge in fun activities. The best Texas road trips to consider this summer include traveling Route 66, and a trip from Mineral to Marble Falls. You should also plan a weekend getaway from Georgetown to San Antonio.