Gambling Industry: Growth

Understanding Four of the Most Common Types of Football Bets

Football fans are getting ready for the upcoming season, and those hoping to bet on games are consulting their favorite Super Bowl betting websites to learn about their wagering options. There are several ways one can bet on football games. Here are four of the most common types of football bets. Betting straight-up remains popular. In this type of bet, only one question counts: Did your team win the game? For example, if you bet […]

4 Reasons Why Online Betting is Growing in Popularity

As an amusement, and as a potential source of state government revenue, online betting is becoming more popular with Americans. The gaming industry that once focused on places like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and selected Native American tribal homes is now becoming more mainstream and accessible. But online betting does not focus solely on casino games such as blackjack, craps, roulette, and slots. It also focuses on sports gambling. Many websites provide helpful overviews of […]

Gambling Industry: Growth, Tendencies, and Forecasts

By 2022, the global gambling industry is going to reach a $565 billion value with an annual 6% growth. The market is growing at a huge speed thanks to the appearance of virtual and augmented reality, hybrid games, and other technologies. So it’s our task to keep an eye on all the forecasts and tendencies. The gambling industry consists of multiple divisions, each of which is growing at a different speed and offers unique trends […]