Gambling Industry: Growth, Tendencies, and Forecasts

By 2022, the global gambling industry is going to reach a $565 billion value with an annual 6% growth. The market is growing at a huge speed thanks to the appearance of virtual and augmented reality, hybrid games, and other technologies. So it’s our task to keep an eye on all the forecasts and tendencies.

The gambling industry consists of multiple divisions, each of which is growing at a different speed and offers unique trends and solutions. The main sectors are casinos, sports betting, and lotteries. Lotteries, by the way, are the largest segment and in 2018 had 46% of the market. However, the tendencies change and sports betting has increased its popularity by 7% during the past year.

Casino providers apply technology innovations to stand out from the competitors and to occupy firm positions on the market. Today we will tell you about the things you need to pay attention to when choosing a NetEnt casino platform and the features all modern providers should have.

Cryptocurrency as a payment option

In recent years cryptocurrency had its ups and downs – unstable Bitcoin’s value showed that the world isn’t fully ready to utilize crypto in all industries. However, people find it very convenient paying in crypto and it’s one of the most popular gambling tendencies all providers should reckon with. Every month more and more online casinos add cryptocurrency to the list of banking options and even land-based venues start offering it as an alternative payment method.

So what does this mean for the industry? First of all, gambling sites, which don’t offer crypto may lose a big share of players, who want their financial requests to be met. It’s obvious that this trend isn’t going anywhere, so when choosing an online casino or even establishing one, make sure to check whether cryptocurrency is in the list of available payment methods.

A blend of sports betting and stocks

Players, who value chance, always turn to team sports betting. Unlike poker or a few other table games, where the payouts differ, team betting is based on whether you can make proper decisions, while someone else does the rest.

Did you know that there is a Football Index, a platform, which lets buying football player shares and getting a return-on-investment if the value rises? While this process involves a certain chance, the variables are rather stable.

The process involves individual characteristics and gives more control because the success depends solely on the player, not on the opponent’s performance. This gambling sector is a great opportunity for fans of the football series, who follow the numbers and are familiar with players.

We are sure that the Football Index trend is here to stay. Pay attention to it if you’re tired of common pokies, and are also willing to experience something new and original.

Virtual Reality

You have probably heard of virtual reality for quite some time and may think that the news is already outdated. However, for years it remained on a preparatory stage and only now the gambling industry has started using VR in a range of games.

In December 2019, Beat Saber was the first virtual reality game (and the only one) to enter the Steam’s 100 lists. The news is huge because of shows that online players are finally head over heels in love with the technology, which allows experiencing unique emotions. And let’s not forget about augmented reality, which will erase borders between a game and the environment you are in.

Thus, online gambling sites and betting platforms are actively implementing VR technologies. And if you look at the offers of software developers you’ll see that almost each of them has a VR solution. If you are launching a new gambling project or are searching for a modern platform to play at, we recommend choosing the one with virtual reality solutions.

Witness amazing changes

Every year and even month new technologies emerge. They change the gambling industry and allow fuller immersion into the process. Today we have touched only a few trends and tendencies, which will shape the gambling market in the nearest future. More is yet to come! So follow the news not to miss a single detail.