Local Little Free Library Dedicated to Memory of Katy Junior High Student

Kamdyn Davidson-Maikranz checks out the first book from the Little Free Library (Deana Davidson-Maikranz photo)

By George Slaughter Celia “CiCi” Rico, a 14-year-old Katy Junior High student, committed suicide in January. Her family and friends Friday turned that tragedy into something positive by dedicating a little free library in her honor. The library is a small stand with a box filled with free books for checkout and returning, though there’s no checkout process. Someone hoping to get a book from this library simply shows up, opens the box, and takes […]

4 Differences Between A Public and A Private School

Children learning about plant life in school.

Quality education is one of the most important things that parents can think about when preparing their children for the future. Choosing between a public or a private school can be overwhelming for some parents because there are many differences and things to consider about each educational system. Here are four important differences to note to help make your decision a little easier. Cost One of the most important and obvious differences to consider is […]

Libraries Offer Online Cookbook Clubs For Culinary Enthusiasts

Cooking enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels – from beginners to advanced –find Fort Bend County Libraries’ monthly Cookbook Book Clubs a great way to share ideas and discover new culinary tips. Different cooking genres are explored each month. In April, the Cookbook Clubs and demonstrations will take place virtually, so that cooking enthusiasts around the area can enjoy and participate online from the comfort and safety of home. Here is the schedule of Cookbook […]

5 Different Resources to Help Kids Learn to Code

A recent study found that 76% of parents want their children to end up in STEM-related careers. And with an ever-growing number of jobs requiring knowledge of new technologies, it isn’t very hard to see why. From manufacturing to marketing, most jobs today are dependent on computers for their success. And computers are dependent upon code. That’s probably why so many parents are hoping to get their kids into coding. As many as 85% of parents are […]

Strategies That Will Brighten Up the Future of SEO

SEO has come a long time ever since its early days. It’s now 2021 which means we have a lot of catching up to do. In this post, we look at the most important strategies that will continue to keep the future of your SEO efforts bright. Here they are: Improve User Experience Across Your Entire Site A site that offers irrelevant information, loads too slow, and looks cheap and is likely to have a […]

Cinco Ranch Branch Library Offers Online Children’s Activities In March

Because of the COVID-19 social-distancing recommendations, Fort Bend County Libraries’ Cinco Ranch Branch Library is continuing to offer children’s programming virtually this spring, so that families can participate from the comfort and safety of home! Videos of Mother Goose Time, Toddler Time, Preschool Story Time, After-School Breaks, and Middle School Programs will be posted on the online Virtual calendar on FBCL’s website each week. Several special online Family Programs, for children of all ages, will also be featured in […]

Five Nontraditional Careers You Can Pursue With A Law Degree

Working in a law firm is a common choice for many law school graduates. Law degrees, however, open you up to a number of opportunities in the legal field without having to work at a law firm. If you have a law degree but do not love the idea of working in a law firm, keep reading to learn five nontraditional careers you can pursue. The Costs Associated with Earning a Law Degree The road […]

How Do Nurses Empower Patients To Take Care Of Their Health?

Nurses are the only people who spend the most time with the patients. And their biggest priority is to provide quality care to their patients. However, patient care is not just about knowing what is wrong with a person. It is also about becoming advocates for those who are suffering from diseases. Nurses are the superheroes in the health care system. They are the people who face the day-to-day issues of their patients and try […]

How to Write a Descriptive Essay – Examples & Tips

“She was wearing her favourite dress for her birthday. Deep blue hues and pearls made her look ecstatic even in the 50s!” Did you just imagine what I described? Well, you just learned the first rule of writing a descriptive essay. It is about igniting the imagination of the reader. A descriptive essay as the name suggests is a vivid description of a topic. This could be a person, place, thing or even an emotion. […]