How to Layer a Graphic Tee


Throughout history, there have been many articles of clothing.  Articles of clothing include, but are not limited to dresses, skirts, pants, shirts, socks, and jackets.  Some clothes are meant for women, like skirts and dresses, while men wear shirts and pants.  A lot of people wear shirts in particular, and there are a lot of different types of shirts.

A graphic tee is typically a pull-over shirt that exhibits some sort of decal, whether that decal is of a certain brand or is representative of a certain movie, book, or band.  Mens graphic t shirts come in a variety of sizes and colors.  Sizes include small, medium, large, or extra large depending on the brand, and colors include the seven primary colors of the rainbow.  A shirt’s color also depends on the brand.  Graphic tees are generally short-sleeve shirts, but some may be long-sleeve.  Often, these shirts are made out of cotton for purposes of comfort and longevity.  Some enjoy cropping these shirts, while others enjoy purchasing oversized graphic tees on purpose.  To establish how to layer a graphic tee, we must first discuss what is meant by the term, “layer.”

  1. Sneak It Into a Formal Outfit

Graphic tees are versatile enough to be part of any outfit, including the most formal outfits.  By itself, a graphic tee may not be an appropriate article of clothing to wear to weddings.  Still, you can get away with wearing a graphic tee at such a solemn event as long as you pair it with more appropriate garb, such as a blazer and slacks or jeans.  This sort of outfit can provide a sense of formality as well as a sense of being laid-back and casual.

  1. Thrust It Into a Denim Outfit

Ostensibly, an outfit that features much denim is on the more casual spectrum of outfits, but such an ensemble might be fit for a casual night out.  Whether you want to include jeans or a denim jacket in your outfit, a graphic tee of any color may complement denim well, and there is little more work you have to do to optimize your outfit.

  1. Employ Different Colors and Textures

The graphical tee is a casual article of clothing, but it is also somewhat minimalist and plain.  A graphic tee can contribute to an outfit’s overall qualities with regard to texture and color.  Graphic tees may thrive under open coats of different colors.  It may also be a good idea to wear a long-sleeve shirt under your graphic tee.  Also, if you leave the top of an outer shirt open such that one may see the graphic tee underneath it, then that might also be a good way of showing off the colors of your outfit.  Look up the complementary colors online for a chance to outline potential outfits that might feature your graphic tee.

  1. Wear It With a Skirt

While this depends on the color and texture of the skirt you decide to wear, you can complement it with your graphic tee in a variety of ways.  Tucking it into a pencil skirt will offer a more formal look.  There are many skirts into which you may tuck a graphic tee.

  1. Wear a Bigger Size

Sometimes, purchasing a graphic tee that is too big for you may not be such a bad idea.  Doing such a thing may even be resourceful in some cases.  Mostly, these cases are ones for comfort:  Exercise clothes or sleepwear.