Useful Bike Theft Prevention Tips From The Experts

In the era where most motorists spend many hours stuck in traffic, owning a bicycle is a great move. Cycling is a sustainable way to get around the busy city. Besides, it’s cost-effective and a time saver.

Cycling is also a good form of exercise, and it’s for such reasons that many people are now opting to ride to work daily, hence the growing popularity. Unfortunately, bike ridership isn’t the only rising statistic. Bike theft is also on the rise. Nearly half of the active cyclists have had their bikes stolen on one occasion or another.

This article will continue to share tips on how to prevent bike theft as shared by experts. Enjoy reading!

  1. Where do you park your bike?

Like vehicles, your bike is more likely to be stolen when parked in a hidden area. If you are used to parking it in underground parking, for example, you may be giving thieves ample time even to bypass the locks you may have installed.

The best solution should be to park it in the open to make it more visible. In busy parking, thieves are likely to get scared from running away with it as they aren’t sure who the real owner might be.

  1. Don’t forget to lock it up

With the growing number of bike theft cases, there is a need to invest in a quality lock for yours. Remember, having your bike locked prevents thieves from easily accessing it. Today, finding the best bike locks for the city is easy as there are many designs to choose from. While no lock is theft-proof, it’s advisable to pick the best quality in the market, and that thieves may require much time or special tools to cut through. Cable and D-locks are the most commonly used.

When it comes to using locks, it will be best to use a lock that can easily be attached to a steady pole or the wall. Attaching your bicycle to something means that the thieves can’t remove it from the place you left it.

  1. Register it!

As soon as you get your new bike, be sure to keep its receipts and record the frame number. These are essential documents when it comes to finding your stolen bike. If you just acquired a second-hand bike, run the frame number through an online bike checker service before giving out the money. This should give you info on whether the bike has been reported stolen or not. With your bike registered, you will make it hard for the thieves to sell it since no buyer is willing to acquire a bike that’s reported stolen.

Including photos in your registration is an added advantage. Today, there are several police-approved and monitored police registers that you can consider registering your bike and get a tamper-proof sticker. When stolen, it will be much easier for the authorities to match you as the owner.

  1. Bring it to the House


Say, for example, you had a long day at work, you just got home cycling. Where are you likely to park your bike? Most people end up leaving their bikes in the driveway. If you are this kind of person, you should know that you will be attracting the eyes of thieves by leaving it there.

It will help if you bring the bicycle to the house. Create some space in the house or your garage to park it till the next time you need it. Some bicycles can easily be folded and easy to carry around. Therefore, you can consider such models if you have limited space in your home.

  1. Customize your Bike

How about you add some fresh colors to your bike? This may seem like a bad idea, but it’s worth it, especially if you live in areas known for bike thefts. Adding colors to your bike makes the bike easily visible, and thieves will be scared to steal it as it easily attracts attention.

Besides, while coloring your bike, you are likely to hide the brand name. Remember, there are bicycle brands that are highly marketable than others. By making it hard for the thieves to notice your bike’s brand, they will hardly steal it. Besides, the customized bike may seem old to the thieves because of the added colors. Therefore, the chances of them leaving it over another are high.

Cycling to work or for exercise is an excellent idea. Many benefits come with this, and that’s why we’ve seen an increase in the number of cyclists on the road. However, the growth has also triggered a rise in the number of bike thefts. Listed in this article are some of the proven ways you can prevent your bike from being stolen. Read through the article to understand how you can apply each shared idea to continue enjoying your morning rides without fear.