His Secret Obsession Review-Does it Really Work to Build or Rebuild a Broken Relationship?

This is about a book that is called His Secret Obsession. It is a great book for women who are looking for a good relationship or solve their previous relationship problems.

His Secret Obsession is written by James Bauer who is a great psychologist and relationship coach. So, in this book, you can get a lot of ideas on how to get back your man.

It is especially written for women to help them from getting rid of this trouble. To know more about it, check His Secret Obsession book reviews and all the details for your betterment.

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What is His Secret Obsession? 

His Secret Obsession is a book written by the famous author James Bauer. This book shows some of the great advice regarding relationships and love.

In His Secret Obsession book, he tries to give a different perspective to build a strong relationship and strengthen it. James is a psychologist and that’s why it’s easy for him to understand the state of mind of people and what they want in a partner.

He has much knowledge about men and women psychology and that’s why he gives explanations to his book according to these things.

This book has everything to guide couples before and after marriage. Also, it advises that all women should make their men obsessed with them.

Not just that, James also describes what a man needs in that relationship and how they both should work on it. From marriage to a casual relationship, he explains how they should do things with some tips. All these things help to strengthen the relationship and that makes it a great book.

The book has three main sights and these are:

  • Why men always want to keep you around even if they don’t want to be in a relationship with you
  • Why men lose interest in that person or in that relationship after the sparkle of love and passion has gone
  • Why men don’t like to be committed in that relationship even if they are happy and want to be with that woman

His Secret Obsession made the things clear. In this book, things are like describing the women why men are like this and what they should do in that situation.

Although you must not follow this advice, you can get a lot of Information in it. And it will be interesting to see if it works or not.

Who is James Bauer?

James Bauer is one of the renowned authors of all. He has done several types of great works in different real life topics.

Also, he is a trained psychologist. He has gained the ability to work with the state of mind of people and solve their dilemma.

Not only that, he is also a relationship coach. He suggests people what would be the best for their trouble they are having at that time. He has worked for over a decade to solve people’s trouble and helps them in several ways.

He tries to advise the good and help both men and women to find their love. James Bauer is the author of the famous book His Secret Obsession. He describes different relationship advice in this book that helps a lot of people who want this kind of advice.

Just like this great book, James has a lot of knowledge about the psychic state of people and how to solve them.

Does His Secret Obsession really work?

You might have a question, His Secret Obsession does it work or not. You can get a lot of ideas of perspective of both men and women and how to deal with that. There is an idea that is clearly stated that men are the one one who are obsessed with their instinctive needs to be clear.

And having this kind of perspective can be solved by taking biological and evolutionary steps. There is a clear discussion about this stuff and that’s why it is considered as a different kind of book than the others.

Further, women can get the ideas by reading it so that they can also try to solve their problem on their own. So, yes, it is a great book and it absolutely works.

Author Tips: Are there any tricks to making a man fall in love with you?

How does His Secret Obsession work

This book is all about the mindset of men and the way they think. Also, you can get an idea how to get into a man’s perspective and state of mind.

James is known for human psychology and that’s why you can get some of the psychic perspective in this book too.

There are a lot of ways that women can use to know what men’s perspective is and how to guide them to get their obsession. Men always have a passion to be a hero. And in this book, James suggested women to inspire their men to be that hero. There are some ideas that women can take to do so.

He also advises women to take care of his necessaries, help them and let them go to earn your respect.

Do not hold them and be forced to be with you. And that’s how men realize and it can change them and they will want to be with you.

There is a muscularity in men and they always want to be that way. The quicker women understand this, the easier it will get for them to take an advantage out of it.

And that and also more than that this book gives ideas about fixing relationships in different effective ways.

What is inside His Secret Obsession Book?

Though we have described some of the ideas of this book, you surely have some basic idea about this book.

The entire book is about male psychology. This book has several sections that explain the things in specific ways. Every part has a clear instinct of ideas and how women should react to all these things.

All these things specify the men’s obsession and how to deal with that to make him obsessed and crazy about their women. And this is all that is described in two basic parts.

By knowing all the parts, women can get the ideas and react accordingly. And the parts are:

Section 1: The Hero Instinct Foundation 

The hero instinct foundation helps women to understand male psychology and use it to make them obsessed about their women.

The hero instinct is into men. And by using it, women keep their men obsessed about themselves for a long time. This book also explains how women should do it.

Moreover, it has a better explanation about men. So, if a woman wants to know more about men, then she should go through the book to understand better. And that will help to solve their problems which they face in their relationship.

Section 2: Practical Strategies

This section helps to get the tips that are clearly explained why the problems occur and what women should do to solve them.

There are several techniques that are included in this book. And by following His Secret Obsession the hero instinct, women can know better about their man’s hero instinct and act accordingly. 

According to that, women can take necessary steps to make their relationship healthy. Also, the practical section teaches you the theories that work in all types of relationship stages.

And the stages that the book describes are:

The Attraction Stage

In His Secret Obsession book by James, there are a lot of different kinds of techniques and theories that James describes to help women understand the men’s hero instinct. You can even get the idea by listening to His Secret Obsession audiobook.

And knowing the things, women can attract their men and make them obsessed with their women. So, this book works for the attraction stage nicely.

The Dating Falling Apart Stage

You can get the idea by reading His Secret Obsession quotes. When men want to get over it and don’t want to continue that relationship, this book helps women by suggesting some tips about men’s psychological situations.

So, that’s how women know why this kind of situation was created and how to solve them. And that’s how this book helps to deal with the falling-apart stage too.

The Re-spark Stage

His Secret Obsession author gives an ultimate information of men and why they lose the passion of their love that they used to have before.

And this book deals with the things and makes the women realize what they should do to get the passion and spark of their relationship back.

That’s how women can win the interest of their men back and make their relationship long lasting. 

The Ex-back Stage

You can have the ideas by getting into His Secret Obsession ebook. There are many explanations that ensure to give women proper ideas of how to get that love back. In most of the relationships, people lost their love that they had for each other.

And if you are this kind of person, then you must check on this stage. His Secret Obsession by James gives you much comfort that you can relate to the facts and understand that it is just a complicated stage when you date someone.

His Secret Obsession ex back signal has a stage that this book deals with so nicely. And that’s also the good fact of it.

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Is His Secret Obsession right for me?

His Secret Obsession is a book that is suitable for those who want to know male psychology. And it is a great one for those women who are in a relationship with men or just date each other.

There are several problems women face when they are dating men. And what troubles men and why they act in such a way is the main purpose to let women know about this and help them to solve that.

Women are able to know what their men are thinking and what women should react to that. The book called His Secret Obsession serves a better idea of men and gives good advice to women so that they can manage things accordingly to make their affair strong and healthy.

But it’s not a book for all types of people. It is not good at all for those

  • Who are not interested in men or who are lesbians
  • Who want a change in their relationship overnight because doing all the things quickly don’t bring the outcomes that you want
  • Who are just having fun and don’t want to get involved in any kind of serious relationship right now
  • Who don’t have to know men’s psychology and want to accept those things about men
  • Who just want to read some entertaining book and are not serious about the facts of it

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Should I buy His Secret Obsession Book?

Well, if you think you are a person who needs some advice to make your relationship better then you should go for it.

Also, you should buy it if you are having a problem dealing with your men and you want a healthy relationship then you need this book. You can check his-secret-obsession-review, and have your desired book that you need.

His Secret Obsession by James Bauer has all the suggestions you need to know men’s psychology and work according to it.

This book makes everything easier. And you can be able to know what men’s secret obsession is and then make yourself his secret obsession instead of anything else.

If you are having a broken relationship and want to change things in your life, then you can give this book a try.

Pricing of His Secret Obsession

You spend tons of money to solve your relationship problem. Those are quite expensive compared to this book. You can get a lot of things by reading his secret obsession info.

And it is quite reasonable than the other ideas. They say, books are our friends. And as a friend, they understand what kind of advice we need and give that kind of suggestion that helps us more than anything. 

And His Secret Obsession is one of them to give solutions for the betterment of your relationship. And it is affordable and easy to find.

You can get it from any kind of market or from any kind of online sources. You can check out the links of His Secret Obsession book amazon, His Secret Obsession ebook download, His Secret Obsession ebay, and lots more.

You can also get some free downloading options or His Secret Obsession book pdf from many sources.

Further, if you want to get an original book then it will also be inexpensive to buy. It will cost $47-$97. And all the money will be worth it for sure.

Pros and cons of His Secret Obsession Book

His Secret Obsession has different sights to show. There are a lot of different guidelines that this book gives to women. So, women can take the advice and tackle a lot of ups and down of their relationship easily.

And by getting to know His Secret Obsession review, you can know if it’s worth it or not. Further everything has advantages as well as disadvantages.

So, before getting into any decision of buying the book, you need to know all about it. So, let’s see what the pros and cons of this book and then take your decision accordingly.


  • This book has easy sentences so that, it will be easy to understand for all kinds of readers
  • All the tips and ideas you see in this book are backed by psychology especially men’s psychology
  • The book helps women several ways and it helps to bring back the confidence in women
  • Women can get a lot of new techniques that other books might not have
  • As it is written by an expert psychologist and relationship coach, you cam totally rely on this
  • The tips and tricks are easy to apply too


  • If you go through the techniques and judge it in a neutral way, then you might notice some of the tricks are a bit manipulative
  • Although His Secret Obsession book gives a lot of good tips to make a healthy relationship, but it does not ensure the good result

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Customer Reviews

To know the quality of the book and what people think of it, you must check out the customer reviews first. And if you are the one who wants to give this book a try, then you should check this review first.

To get the things in a proper way, we are giving you some of the reviews that people from different sides of the world give after they read it.

So, let’s take a look at His Secret Obsession customer reviews before purchasing it. .

“I’m happy with my relationship. His Secret Obsession equipped me all skills, and my man is madly obsessed with me”

– Monica B.

“I recommend His Secret Obsession to anyone who needs to strengthen their relationships. Thanks, James!”

– Mercy M.

“I loved reading James’ book, and it restored marriage that was almost completely broken.”

– Vivian Charles

“Thank you very much, James. I got the skills to keep him always there for me”

– Juliet J.

The FAQs about His Secret Obsession

There are a few questions that you might have in your mind. And before making any decision about buying the book and read it for your betterment, you need to clear all the questions out of your mind.

And that’s only possible if you know the answers of the questions. There are a few questions and the answers to let you know about the facts that you might doubt. Let’s check those and clear your mind.

1. Is his secret obsession worth it?

His Secret Obsession book has a lot of different sides of men’s psychological explanations. And if you are having trouble to keep your relationship strong, then this is a good book to read and gain a lot of ideas.

Further, if we compare it with other ways of relationship betterment, then it is much affordable than any other ways. You can find it just at $47 and it’s worth it.

2. What is the secret obsession of a man?

Every man has a secret obsession of his own. And when they are in a relationship, they can explore and show their hero instinct. And if they cannot do it, then they don’t feel like living in that relationship.

Also, women want in a relationship is the connection, bonding and intimacy. And these things might get tough to handle for some men. And that’s how it gets harder to be in a relationship.

3. What is the hero instinct 12 words?

In His Secret Obsession, 12 word text is a list of words that women can say to their men to trigger man’s hero instinct effectively.

And that’s how, by saying all the words, men feel more confident than before. And that helps to make their relationship healthier.

4. What are the obsession phrases?

There are some His Secret Obsession phrases that you can find in this book. The phrases are strong enough to clarify men’s emoticons properly.

Also, if women use these phrases, they can understand the emotional state of men and work according to it. And those are His Secret Obsession key phrases.

His Secret Obsession Reviews -Our Verdict

Women are different from men physically and also psychology. That’s why if they are in a relationship, they usually face ups and downs. And this book is great for women to get their desired relationship that they always want.

Though men’s psychology is different that’s why it might be difficult to understand it for women. But if they read His Secret Obsession, then it will be much easier to tackle it.

But first, see the His secret obsession review to know if the book is right for you or not. Abe hopefully, you will get your dream relationship back that you want.

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