Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston serves as resource, offers tips for students and parents during stay-at-home order

HOUSTON, March 27, 2020 – The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston (BGCGH) aims to be a resource for children and parents during this time of upheaval and uncertainty, when stay-at-home declarations have closed schools and workplaces in our communities. This has created an unprecedented situation, with family members confined daily in one space. Children must continue their academic pursuits online, and parents are compelled to do their jobs from home.

“We must remember that it will take time to adjust to an environment when learning and working are happening together,” says Kevin Hattery, President and CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston. “Keep trying different approaches until you find what works for your family.  Do your best to control what you can and reach out when you need help, including your local Boys & Girls Club. It’s difficult now to see that the situation is temporary, but BGCGH is here to build great futures for kids and help support families return to stability.”

With working from home and distance learning going on simultaneously, many households will struggle to find a balance for both to be successful. The first few weeks of any transition can be challenging, but Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston offers some tips to help ease the situation for everyone:

  • Create a Schedule – Establish a routine that helps children adapt by knowing what to expect.  If possible, follow the school-day already in place to create a sense of familiarity. Engage children by asking them to draft their own schedule. This fosters buy-in and helps them feel more in control of this new situation.
  • Prioritize – Draft a list that breaks down the essentials you each need to accomplish for the day. Review the list and determine what is a priority and what tasks are not essential. Build in some flexibility that helps you balance your needs, as well as those of your children.
  • Set Expectations – Set expectations on when you will be available to them and how much distance learning you expect them to accomplish each day. Designate times for you to work together and times to work and learn independently. Let kids know there will be times you will need quiet in the house to participate in a call. This will lead to better focus and fewer interruptions in the day.
  • Utilize Resources – There are many resources available to help you achieve success with distance learning and professional productivity. For example, BGCGH is launching a virtual Club on Demand experience to help keep children actively learning that incorporates academics, physical fitness and art. If you’re struggling, keep in touch with your child’s teachers and ask for help.

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With the Houston area stay-at-home order in effect, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston, which normally provides mentoring and tutoring in its clubs, aims to be a resource for parents working from home and students who must now do distance learning to continue their schooling. Pictured left to right are Kaylynn; Samantha Morales from BGCGH and Mayra. (Using first names for privacy.) Photo by Henrich Perez.

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