Harris County Pollution Control Services Regulatory Activities Related To EPA Covid-19 Enforcement Discretion Notice

The Harris County Pollution Control Services Department (HCPCS) is aware of the recent notice from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and subsequent notice from the Texas State on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) announcing certain considerations for regulated environmental compliance obligations during the evolving COVID-19 pandemic.

HCPCS will continue routine regulatory and enforcement activities on permitted and non-permitted environmental activities with no exclusions at this time. During this temporary policy action from the EPA, HCPCS will coordinate any resulting compliance violations with the Harris County Attorney’s Office. HCPCS reiterates the position of the EPA and TCEQ on the prioritization of the protection of human
health and the environment. HCPCS has the expectation that facilities will also continue to place a high priority on public safety and environmental protection.


The mission of the Harris County Pollution Control Services Department is to protect the citizens of Harris County from environmental impacts through firm, consistent enforcement of state and federal regulations. The ultimate goal of HCPCS is clean air, water, and proper management of waste. For more information about Harris County Pollution Control Services, please visit: pcs.harriscountytx.gov.