Sen. Cruz: Decisive Action and Bravery Saved Many Lives at West Freeway Church of Christ

Attends worship service, meets heroic congregants who stopped shooter

North Texas – On Sunday, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) attended a worship service at the West Freeway Church of Christ. Still photos and video of Sen. Cruz’s visit are below.

“Two weeks ago, the men and women of West Freeway Church of Christ faced horrific evil and heart-wrenching loss,” Sen. Cruz said. “I was honored and blessed to worship with them on Sunday. They’ve inspired Texans and Americans across the country with their strength, love, and forgiveness. I am grateful for Minister Britt Farmer and his leadership during this dark time. I am also thankful for local law enforcement and the heroic congregants, including Jack Wilson and his team, who acted swiftly and selflessly to stop the shooter. Their decisive action and bravery saved many lives that Sunday. May God bless West Freeway Church of Christ.”

During his visit, Sen. Cruz spoke with NBC Dallas-Fort Worth about the horrific shooting. Today, Governor Greg Abbott presented Jack Wilson with the Medal of Courage.