OakBend Medical Center Is Among The Top Ranked Hospitals For The Lowest 30-Day Readmission Rates For Intracranial Hemorrhage & Cerebral Infarction Hospitalizations

According to Dexur, a data analysis of Medicare claims data, OakBend Medical Center is among the top ranked Hospitals for the Lowest 30-Day Readmission Rates for Intracranial Hemorrhage & Cerebral Infarction (Stroke) Hospitalizations. The research included hospitals within 100 miles of Richmond, TX. Dexur analyzed January 2016 to December 2018 Medicare claims data to rank the hospitals. Hospital rankings are also adjusted for risk based on the diagnosis-related groups (which groups hospitalization based on severity […]

Houston Methodist West Hospital Offers New Minimally Invasive Treatment that Prevents Stroke

Houston Methodist West Hospital now offers an innovative new procedure called TransCarotid Artery Revascularization (TCAR), a minimally invasive and safe approach for patients at risk of stroke due to carotid artery disease. Carotid artery disease is a form of atherosclerosis, or a buildup of plaque, in the two main arteries in the neck that supply oxygen-rich blood to the brain. If left untreated, carotid artery disease can often lead to stroke; it is estimated to […]