Protest Deadline Is May 17 For Property In Harris County

Harris County property owners who believe there is an error in the market value set by the appraisal district have until Monday, May 17 to protest the value of their property. While the usual protest deadline is May 15, if that day falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline is postponed to the next business day. Some property owners may not have received their value notice yet.  If that is the case, they will […]

Harris County Appraisal District Mails Property Value Notices

The Harris County Appraisal District has mailed property value notices to many residential property owners and is following with commercial and industrial value notices. “We are seeing a large number of residential and commercial properties in Harris County increasing in value this year,” said Roland Altinger, chief appraiser.  “Residential properties are in high demand and have gone up about 8 – 10 percent in value, and commercial properties are following along the same lines with […]