Food Safety

Why Rinsing and Stuffing your Turkey is Risky Business

Thanksgiving Food Safety Tips With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, Harris County Public Health (HCPH) would like to remind residents of safe food preparation practices.¬† Some families may be thinking about rinsing our turkeys and putting stuffing in them, but it is not safe.¬†Chickens and turkeys can have salmonella, a type of bacteria that can cause serious stomach problems and occasionally death. Rinsing a turkey or chicken can spread salmonella into the sink or kitchen […]

Master Wellness Volunteer Program: 2017 Series

The Master Wellness Volunteer (MWV) program is an engaging 4 day series, designed to provide participants with 40 hours of research -based education, delivered through engaging and interactive workshops. The training topics are: nutrition, dietary guidelines, food safety, heart disease, diabetes, healthy lifestyle choices, adult and child health and much more. MWV is ideal for individuals in organizations interested in living healthier lives and positively impacting their families, churches, communities, and worksites to educate and […]