First Community Credit Union Partners with NYDIG to Launch Cryptocurrency

Rapidly-growing credit union enhances the member experience by offering Bitcoin services. First Community Credit Union (FCCU), located in Houston, TX, has partnered with NYDIG, a leading Bitcoin company, to provide members a trusted, safe and secure solution to buy, sell and hold bitcoin within their mobile app and online banking platform. First Community Credit Union (FCCU) leads the way as a high-tech, high-touch credit union and continuously remains on the cutting edge of technology while maintaining the security […]

Bitcoin, and the traditional modes of payment: The dichotomy

Introduction: People who take enough interest in the money market, you know that Bitcoin has made immense progress in the last few years. Especially, when talking about Bitcoin we have to keep in mind that we are essentially living in the pandemic era, where people are trying their level best to avoid any sort of real time connection. In fact, Bitcoin as an alternative method for making payments, and processing essential financial transactions has been […]