Trading Bitcoin? Here’s what you need to know

The cryptocurrency market currently boasts a market capitalization of $2.10 trillion, with the market leading asset Bitcoin (BTC) accounting for $1.143 trillion of this amount. While the crypto market is a viable space in its own right, however, there’s no doubt that assets such as BTC and Ethereum (ETH) have also added a fascinating dimension to the already volatile world of forex trading. But how does Bitcoin trading on the forex market work, and what […]

Texas Medical Marijuana Program Could Be Expanded

Source: The Texas Tribune A bill to expand Texas Compassionate Use Program (TCUP) moved out of the Health Committee on Thursday. House Bill 1535, sponsored by Chairwoman Stephanie Klick (R) would add chronic pain and cancer to the very limited list of qualifying conditions, as well as allow veterans with PTSD access to the program. Currently only patients suffering from epilepsy, autism, multiple sclerosis, terminal cancer, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) can get a physician’s […]

4 Things You Need To Know About Using Online Coupons

An online coupon is a discount number or code that entitles the holder to redeem it on a website or app and pay less for goods or services. The whole concept of couponing began as far back as 1887 when Coca-Cola launched coupons to boost sales. Coupons were primarily displayed in newspapers and magazines, but with the digital age came online coupons.  When it is done correctly couponing is an effective way to cut your […]

Grow Your Own Series Starts April 17th!

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service in Fort Bend County, along with the Fort Bend County Master Gardeners, are teaming up again to help residents create an edible garden at home through a series of six classes.  Online classes are taught April – October; choose individual classes at $15 per class or enroll in the entire series for $60, a 33% savings.   To ensure enrollment confirmation, full series registrations are due by April 14th.  Individual class […]

The Impact Of The Pandemic On Small Businesses In Texas

COVID-19 has hit Texas hard, with over 2.8 million cases and nearly 50 thousand deaths. But, as we know, the pandemic did not only affect the health of Texans. Rather, the necessity for social distancing and lockdowns made it impossible for businesses to continue as usual. While there were some “winners” in purely capitalistic terms, the majority of businesses struggled. This has been particularly true of Texas small businesses, which do not have the resources […]

Injured at Work? Understand Your Legal Rights and Options

If you are injured at work, you are entitled to get benefits under the workers’ compensation program. Businesses with more than 50 employees are required by the law in different states to provide workers’ compensation insurance to protect their workers. The benefits that you can get depend on your injuries and other workplace factors. However, you need to understand your rights when you are hurt at work. Read on to learn your legal rights and […]

Seeking Justice Isn’t Always Easy: Basics You Need To Know Before Filing A Lawsuit

Besides lawyers and other judicial professionals – no one looks forward to dealing with the law especially when it comes to the potential of losing thousands of dollars. That’s why it’s integral that everyone does their research before going forward with something like filing a lawsuit. Filing a lawsuit can be tricky and if you aren’t careful can live you in debt, jail, or without a former business. Getting the right legal advice and hiring […]

8 Effective PR Tips Every Startup Brand Should Consider Using

Building brand credibility in an organic way may be one of the top priorities for a startup, especially if they’re in an industry that heavily relies on its public image to sell its service or product. Thinking from the start on how your company will present itself to the media and earn mentions, features, and product reviews without relying on ads can prove more effective to attract customers and top talents. However, not all startups […]

How to Grow Your Small Business Through YouTube and YouTube Vanced?

Small businesses and brands require creative ways to promote their merchandises and services in a continuous cycle. But your business needs all this without affecting your assets. And to do this, you can use YouTube as an economical yet creative path to grow your brand and help it reach potential consumers. You can implement this strategy in your marketing ways and reap massive benefits. If you are not sure about the advantages that YouTube can […]

How to Ensure a Just Compensation After an Accident

Enduring and recovering from an accident is bad enough. Recovery from an accident can take longer than you think. As well as recovery time you also want to ensure that you receive just and adequate compensation to make sure that all of your costs are covered. There are lots of costs that you can incur when recovering from an accident such as medical expenses and lost wages, all of these figures can quickly add up […]