Paxton Announces $15.3 Million Settlement Reached in Texas City Y Oil Spill Natural Resource Damage Case

Attorney General Ken Paxton

The Attorney General’s Office is pleased to announce a $15.3 million settlement of the Texas City Y Oil Spill Natural Resource Damage (NRDA) matter. The damages occurred on March 22, 2014, when a barge owned and operated by Kirby Inland Marine, LP (“Kirby”) collided with a cargo ship in Galveston Bay near Texas City. The barge spilled approximately 168,000 gallons of oil into Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Approximately 160 miles of shoreline were contaminated as a result of the spill, including areas […]

The Numerous Potential Benefits Of CBD Gummies Explained

CBD gummies are a popular way to take CBD for many reasons. These include the fast-acting onset, ease of use, and discreteness. They are also more affordable than other methods of taking CBD. As the name suggests, these products are edible made with cannabidiol (CBD) extract from hemp plants. CBD has been found to be beneficial when treating many conditions, including epilepsy and pain management. This article will discuss some of the numerous benefits that […]

The Best CS:GO Skins You Need

The aim of having the most competitive and flashiest skin within CSGO, has never gone away. Now that the game has been around for almost a complete decade, skins have developed, customized and taken a whole new world of their own. As a beginner to the scene, it is very easy to get intimidated by it all and unsure on where to begin. With 60 weapons available within the game in addition to many skins […]

4 Things You Need to Include in Your Home Renovation Budget

Whether you’re planning to sell your house or not, it never hurts to invest time and energy into your home. Modern updates and renovations can substantially improve your quality of life while adding equity to your home. But what are some of the best home renovations you can implement without breaking the bank? What updates can you complete without going over your home renovation budget? We’re here to provide a few examples. Keep reading for […]

How to Get into the University of Your Dreams?

Everyone, without exception, wants to get a modern education that is in demand in the labor market. In the world of globalization, more and more people strive to get an education, the diplomas of which are recognized in different countries of the world. Such education provides an opportunity to get a job both in your own country and abroad. But getting into the university of your dreams is not so easy. Students often face difficulties. […]

What Is Cat6 Plenum Cable?

Plenum cables are cable types that were designed to be used in the plenum spaces of buildings that typically lie between floors of a building, above a suspended ceiling, or under a raised floor. Plenum spaces are usually in-home air circulations for the different ventilation, cooling, and heating systems in the building. This makes the plenum spaces a huge fire hazard because of the constant oxygen flow in the spaces. The plenum cables are specially […]

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria Donates Over $100K To Non-Profits In 2021

The nationwide pizzeria raised funds for Childhelp, American Heart Association, No Kid Hungry In honor of Giving Tuesday, Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is pleased to announce a total donation of $102,000 to its 2021 non-profit partners, including Childhelp, the American Heart Association, and No Kid Hungry, from fundraising initiatives throughout the year. Kicking off efforts in April to align with National Child Abuse Prevention Month, Grimaldi’s Pizzeria ran a give back campaign in stores from coast to coast to raise funds and […]

Igloo Reveals Two New Hogsmeade-Themed Playmate Coolers To Make It A Very Harry Potter Holiday Season

Today, Igloo in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products unveiled two new Playmate coolers inspired by the village of Hogsmeade from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The new, special-edition Harry Potter Hogsmeade Little Playmate and Harry Potter Honeydukes Little Playmate are now available at “Ever since last year’s release of our Harry Potter Playmate coolers, we’ve been incredibly excited to collaborate with Warner Bros. Consumer Products again and bring fans more coolness from The […]

Everything you need to know about Carpet Cleaning

Man cleaning carpets in home

No matter how careful you are, the carpets on your property are eventually going to get dirty. This is especially the case if you have young children or pets: wear and tear, after all, is a fact of life. If you’re tired of how dull or matted your carpets look, why not have them professionally cleaned? A deep cleaning done right will bring new life into your property and keep everything fresh! Of course, such […]