Five Online Games To Play With Your Friends

We live in an age where we can often be further away from friends, whether that be temporary or permanent. We move for work, for relationships, for a better quality of life, leaving our friends and family behind. But that doesn’t mean we want to be any less connected to them.

Thankfully, the magic of technology is helping us remain close and enjoy downtime with our friends, no matter where they are in the world, in all manner of genres with fun and games to suit everyone.

So, what exactly are the best online games to play with friends?


Millions of people around the world have memories of playing board games with friends and family, especially around festive occasions. They can now be brought online, minus the angry board flipping, through the Scrabble app.

If you and your friends are lovers of word games, then playing Scrabble on the go could be just for you. It’s great for taking five minutes on the bus, or even spending entire evenings on the sofa, and is a real blast of nostalgia that you just can’t resist.

Casino Games

Fancy a poker night but don’t have the ability to invite friends around because they live far and wide? Well sites such as and the thousands of other online casinos available online are ideal for bringing friends together for casino games.

Most sites have a hugely diverse collection of games, with multiple players allowed to join, meaning you can beat the banker together or go head-to-head.

Console Games

For games that get the adrenaline pumping, going online with your console gaming is an excellent idea, with dozens of genres having some fantastic titles that allow multiplayer gaming over the web. Games such as FIFA, racing games and first-person shooters all have multiplayer options, ideal for loading up on your TV, plugging your headset in and playing while having a good old chat with your buddies.

Animal Crossing

Of course, gaming can be a little more relaxed too and Animal Crossing has a multiplayer world that is great for enjoying with friends. Up to four players can enjoy a local island and it’s hugely popular with both young and old players.

It’s innocent, fun and a great way to while away an evening lay on the sofa chatting to friends.

The Escape Game

Have you ever enjoyed an escape room with friends? Well, The Escape Game is similar but online. Teaming up with friends via video link, players must solve a series of tasks and puzzles in order to escape the locked, computerised room.

Great for a special occasion, or just a casual evening with friends wanting to do something different. We’re seeing more games crop up like this, and they’re always work an hour or so of your time.