Four reasons yoga should be part of your daily routine

Are you looking to improve your health over the coming year? Perhaps you’re looking for a resolution that will be transformative and improve your wellbeing on both a physical and mental level?

Well, if that’s you, then look no further than yoga…

Of course, you’ll already know exactly what yoga is and will be familiar with the more basic yoga positions, but do you know just how good it is for you, and the many reasons why you should be doing it?

Such is its power, you’ll find many alcohol and drug rehab centres, doctors and fitness experts recommending it to improve your life these days, and here’s why…

It benefits heart health

What are we without a healthy heart? Well, dead really. Yoga benefits a healthy heart as it reduces levels of stress and inflammation of it across the body, which in turn will keep the old ticker ticking normally.

It is also exercise, so can aid in weight loss, as well as lowering blood pressure, again having a positive impact on your heart’s health.

It’ll improve your mood

Yoga can support creativity and energy, alongside reducing stress, which all has a positive impact on your mood. After a session of yoga, you’ll be feeling brighter and in turn that will have an impact on your levels of enthusiasm and reduce the amount of negativity going through your brain.

You’ll find an amazing community and make new friends

If you start practising yoga at a class, you’ll find that the community within it is simply fantastic. The positive energy found in yoga classes is addictive in itself and you’ll make new, supportive friends who are all there to improve their lives and mental wellbeing.

Going to a yoga class can help make friends for life and it can be hugely beneficial to your life, particularly if you have been suffering from loneliness.

It can increase your strength and ease pain

Yoga is a physical exercise, and therefore you will become stronger, fitter, more flexible and better balanced because of it.

Alongside this, you’ll also be able to ease pains, such as back pain as well as chronic pains such as arthritis, with yoga being proven to ease discomfort in swollen joints of those that suffer with the condition.