Photo Books: The Perfect Shelf Filler

A lot of the time, shelves are filled up with clutter and items that gather dust. Ornamentations are placed up on shelves and quickly forgotten about, while they’re often used as a dumping ground for unwanted items. Instead, place things on shelves that are used and interacted with. Photo books make a great example. It can be hard sometimes to find space for photo books, but they’re well-loved and treasured, and often flicked through by family members and visitors alike.

How To Stack Your Photo Books

Some like to stack them one on top of the other upwards, but it depends on the shelf space in general. You might like to place them side by side traditionally, but make sure you get a bookend to stop them from falling sideways off the shelf. You also need to take spine design into account so that they look good and logical. You can number them, or maybe even call them what they are like holiday photos or graduation pictures.

Where Else Can You Store Photo Books

Photo books can be used as decorative items, especially if you’ve chosen an excellent photo for the cover page. They can be placed on tables, think of an end table, or side consoles. When you feel like you’ve got too many for the shelf you might have to curate your collection and display the ones you’re most proud of. The others can go into specialty containers that can keep your photo books safe and secure.

To conclude, photo books are wonderful reminders of great past gone memories but they also make for quality decorative elements if used properly.