Honoring Veterans in Katy, TX — From Veterans Day Events to Year-Round Resources

There are 18.2 million veterans who have served in the U.S. military, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau. With Texas being one of the three states among those with the largest veteran population with an impressive 1.4 million vets, honoring those who have served can be done in a variety of different ways. From how veterans were honored on Veterans Day to the unique support options available to disabled veterans (as well as other benefits out there), honoring those that have served is something that occurs year-round.

Veterans Day 2022 recap

Veterans Day 2022 saw no shortage of effort to honor those that have served in the Katy and Houston areas. The Katy Area Chamber highlighted a Veterans Day breakfast, hosted at the Harmony School of Discovery on Friday, November 11th, to pay tribute to veterans and the sacrifices they’ve made. In the Houston area, the Houston Salutes America’s Heroes Veterans Day Celebration began at 10 a.m. Friday, outside of City Hall. According to cw39.com, a moment of silence at 11 marked the anniversary at the end of World War I (which occurred on November 11th of 1918). Other Veterans Day festivities involved speeches, as well as a parade. The cw39.com article further mentions the early Veterans Day events that took place in North Houston that Thursday at the Veterans Memorial Park on Tidwell, which consisted of local leaders and service members (past and present) cutting the ribbon on the Vietnam Fallen Warriors Monument which honors and lists the 544 Houston-area residents who lost their lives in that war.

From disability to mental health

When showcasing support efforts for disabled veterans, the Texas Diabled Veterans Association (TDVA) is just one organization that works to provide assistance to vets seeking benefits that are acquired through military service. Supporting disabled veterans in the community can also be achieved via volunteer work. For example, Easter Seals Greater Houston serves veterans (as well as service members, children and adults) with all types of disabilities. Volunteering through the local VA clinic is another option that presents a variety of opportunities to help veterans in general, from patient care to administrative work.

For Texan veterans who experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), K9 therapy is working to help support those who have served in a unique way. In Katy, Jodie Revils, who was unable to function through everyday life following returning from his tour in Iraq was diagnosed with PTSD. Having tried everything that the VA could offer, several different therapies, and medication, the Kxan article notes that “It got to the point where Revils made a plan to take his own life.” A service dog, however, brought Revils a new hope. Through the nonprofit ‘K9s for Warriors,’ Revils is one of 51 Texas vets who have benefited from service dogs thanks to the organization. According to the Kxan post, K9s for Warriors was founded “with the goal of ending veteran suicide thorugh pairing highly-trained dogs to military veterans.”

Available benefits and services

For veterans who have just finished serving or those who have a loved one who aren’t aware of all of the benefits and services available to them, the Katy VA Clinic, located at 750 Westgreen Boulevard, Westgreen Professional Building, is just one resource for veterans in the area and encompasses a variety of health-related services. Laboratory and pathology, COVID-19 vaccines, audiology and speech, weight management, mental health care, and primary care are just a few of many services offered. There are also a wide variety of benefits out there for Texas veterans that are eligible. Disability compensation for conditions related to military service is just one well-known benefit. For 100% disabled veterans and their surviving spouses, total property tax exemption is another potential benefit noted by Military.com.

In regard to finding legal support, one example highlighted in 2018 involves a free legal advice clinic, hosted by the Katy Bar Association and the Houston Bar Foundation’s Veterans Legal Initiative. The clinic worked to offer veterans (or spouses of deceased vets) one on one advice/counsel from volunteer attorneys in subjects like family law, real estate and tax law, and disability and veterans benefits, according to the Texas Bar blog. For vets in need of legal help today, getting in touch with a veterans law attorney can present a viable solution for vets looking for a range of services, including those who are seeking assistance with VA benefits, including disability benefits, veteran’s education benefits, and more — including military records corrections and marital

While Veterans Day is a fantastic way to show your support for those who have served across the nation, supporting and honoring vets in the Katy area is done all year. From the national benefits to local services like the Katy VA Clinic, organizations like the K9s for Warriors and the TDVA (as well as volunteers) work to support vets in other aspects of life, such as mental health and disability.