Making Your Sales Brochures More Effective – Insights from Marketing Pros

It is not hard to appreciate why even in a technology-driven online marketing environment; most companies still resort to designing, printing, and distributing sales brochures to their target audience. A brochure can include a lot of information like a snapshot of the company, its products and services, its benefits, and contact information in a small space. It allows the company to show off its professionalism at a glance. According to Small Business Sense, they are cost-effective, extremely versatile, and great for distributing in large numbers at events and tradeshows. However, to ensure a sales brochure gets the desired response, it has to be designed well. Some tips:

Understand the Target Audience

The first step in planning a brochure is getting a fix on the audience you want to distribute it to. Typically, companies design brochures to convince their customers of the efficacy and value-addition of their products and services and the credibility and reliability of the company. You need to understand what customers are looking to address to do it convincingly. By understanding the customers’ pain points, you can provide convincing solutions. Talking to your customers and salesperson helps to come up with the answers.

Focus on AIDA

It is challenging to get your brochure noticed and read as customers are continuously bombarded with advertising messages. According to Highstreet Advertising, Inc., you should design your brochure with captions and graphics to attract the necessary attention, so potential customers are encouraged to pick it up and read it. The brochure must raise their desire to buy the product and take specific action to contact you to inquire or purchase your offerings. To visit the agency follow the map
Use Images Relevant and Important To the Customer

Many businesses succumb to the temptation of using images in the brochure to pander to their egos and achievements. It is more important to appreciate that customers are only bothered about their problems. Therefore, there is little point in including pictures of your fancy office building, rather, you need to include photos that appeal to the emotions of customers and convince them that they will do the right thing by buying your products. You must use professionally-shot high-resolution original images and not amateur or stock photos.

Focus On the Benefits and the Presentation 

Because customers are only bothered about themselves and the problems they face, you need to make them the focus of the brochure, not your products or services. It is important to highlight the benefits accruing to them when they use your products and how you can help them to address their issues better than anyone else. Decide on the most important customer benefits and focus the presentation and contents of the brochure around them.


You must make your sales brochure appear professional. It is invariably better to entrust the design and content generation to an experienced advertising agency that will ensure the brochure is presented well with original and customer-centric content. Well-laid-out pages with simple and readable text, large and interesting graphics, and a color palette that synergizes with the business and the brand all help to create the right impact.