Resolutions and Discussion for the Growing City of Brookshire

By: Tom Behrens

The Board of Aldermen of the City of Brookshire met Thursday July 21, 2022, 7:00 p.m. to discuss several different items up before the Alderman for approval, shelving to a later meeting, or disapproval. In attendance was Mayor Darrell Branch, Mayor Pro Tem Kim Branch, Alderman Lyndon Stamps, Jeremiah Hill, and Alderwomen Amanda Neuendorf, Monique Tayor.

Resolution 1370: A resolution approving, subject to conditions, the preliminary plat of the “MASN” Apartments Subdivision”, which creates two lots totaling approximately 7.99 acres, generally located north-east of the intersection of FM 1489 and South Street in Brookshire, Texas.

City Attorney, Justin Pruitt commented that everything was pretty much completed for approval.

Motion to approve, seconded, motion carried.

Resolution 1371: approval, subject to conditions, the final plat of the Brookview Townhomes subdivision, creating 52 lots, 15 blocks, and 11 reserves generally located northeast of the intersection of FM 359 and Stella Road in Brookshire.

Justin Pruitt explained that this particular development has a lot of conditions that are still waiting to be fulfilled.

“It is my understanding the developer has met with the city and wants to pull action from City of Brookshire consideration. When something is submitted to the city, by state law we have 30 days to approve. We are at the very end of that time frame. Since we do not have that formal withdrawal, the City Council can approve, or deny. Since applicant wants to withdraw now and work some more on their proposal, I think it would be a clean move for the city to deny the approval. It would be an administrative problem trying to follow up on every item in the time remaining.”

Motion to Deny, seconded, and approved.

Alderman Jeremiah Hill had several items he wished discussion.

Discussion and possible action regarding use of Positive Pay on City payroll checks.

“City employees have complained about not being able to cash city checks,” said Hill

Ms. Claudia Harrison, City Secretary replied, “We have had occasions where checks were written on the general funds account. One didn’t even look like our checks. Someone created checks using our routing and checking account number. The bank suggested Positive Pay for fraud protection.”

The problem and solution were tabled, will again be discussed at next City Counsel meeting.  Ms. Claudia Harrison will work with Wells Fargo to set up a good system.

Second item: Discussion and possible action regarding department and committee heads report at the first Council meeting of the month.

“I propose a monthly a report from all department heads, for it to be a mandatory agenda item for the first city council meeting at the beginning of each month,” said Hill.

A member of the City Council asked who and what should be part of the report.

Alderman Hill replied, “Recent hires, dismissals, just a good overview of what is going on. If we have questions from Brookshire citizens, that will give us the opportunity to discuss that with you as well. I would like to see reports from the police department regarding their operation.”

Mayor Pro Tem Kim Branch inferred that this was part of the original council meetings, but with the ongoing effects of COVID since 2020, some things did not happen. Move to approve, seconded, and motion carried.

Alderman Hill requested discussion and possible action regarding hosting a workshop with the Board of Directors of the Water District, but as of the date of the Brookshire City Council meeting, Water District Directors had yet to reply. A tentative date was set for Aug. 17, by the City Council. City Attorney, Justin Pruitt, Brookshire City Attorney, said he will reach out to the lawyer or lawyers of Board of Directors of the Water District.

Mayor Pro Tem Kim Branch requested discussion and possible action regarding the establishment of the Hotel Motel Grant Committee.

City Secretary, Claudia Harrison, explained that there was a committee to explore the benefits of the Hotel Motel Grant, but for not known reasons, possibly related to COVID, the Board didn’t meet and several of the board members are no longer board members, “I will reach out to the (remaining) members,” said Harrison.

Mayor Pro Tem Branch stated that she thought it would be to the best interests of the City to start over, search out and select seven new board members

Motion to table and place on the next city council agenda, seconded, approved.

Discussion and possible action for additional members for other new city committees. “Animal Welfare committee, City Planning Committee, and Parks and Recreation Committee are just a few,” said Alderwoman Amanda Neuendorf. “I would like to publicize it for 30 days and see if people want to come and be part of a committee.”

Justin Pruitt said he would work with Neuendorf to put resolutions together for next City Council meeting.

For security and employee safety reason, Mayor Pro Tem Branch requested it be published locally that no cash payments would be accepted by Court and City departments (payments only be money orders, credit card, debit card, et.) after Aug. 1. Motion made, seconded, and approved.

The general, open City Council Meeting was adjourned and members of the Council met in closed session to discuss some items regarding consultation with legal counsel, deliberations on real property, deliberate the purchase, exchange, lease, or value of real property, and deliberations on personnel regarding appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline, or dismissal of the Brookshire Police Chief, City Secretary, Public Works Director, and the Municipal Court Director.