Zoom Features: The Free, the Cool, and the Basic

The world of video conferencing has been changing over the past years to make room for newer and better conferencing tools. One of the tools that have made great strides in the field has got to be zoom. So many organizations are making do with zoom, and it has been improving over the years. Here are some of these features in the different categories and how they impact you as a user.

Free or basic zoom features

Even though there are some add-ons to zoom, some features are free. These features are also called basic and are the standard features all zoom users should expect to get when using zoom. Since they are free for use, you can be sure that you will get access to all of them without needing to pay anything. It makes the entire conferencing experience fun. Here are the main basic and free zoom features.

HD video and audio

One of the things you will get with your zoom app is HD video and studio. It makes sense that you would get it with all zoom features since that is the very essence of the conferencing app. It is one of the main reasons most people prefer zoom over the other features.

Live captioning

Another thing you will get with the basic zoom is automatic live captions for zoom. While this was not available at the start, people on free zoom can now access it. It makes zoom much easier since you can read what users are saying. If the person is not so clear, you still get to catch up with the conversation.

Messaging platform

Another feature you will access on the basic package is the messaging platform. It allows members on the zoom call to communicate if they cannot talk during a meeting. The feature is available if the free platform, so you do not have to worry about not being ab lot pay for it.

The cool features

Even though one can still access the platform when using the free versions of zoom, one can also choose to pay for some add-ons. They make the entire online video conferencing a breeze. By taking the time to learn about them, you can choose whether to pay for the package or go on using the free versions. Here are the main features of the cool versions.

Custom personal meeting ID

One of the features of the paid version is a personal meeting ID. It comes in handy if you hold so many zoom meetings and need an ID. You can easily remember that the people who get this ID can join your meeting, and you can update and change the password when you choose to go for a different meeting.

Meeting recordings

Another thing many people wish they could have on zoom is a stored recording of their meeting. With the updated paid versions, you get some cloud space to store this meeting. You can also do live captioning for such meetings and ensure clients get it when they access the recorded meeting. The feature is a godsend for when you want to go back and see what was discussed in a meeting.

Toll-free dial-in

One of the things many people wish they could jump into a meeting even when they are away from their devices and away from an internet source. You can do this with the paid feature. Zoom will give you a toll-free number that you can use to log on to the meeting and participate. The same feature is also used when you want to call other participants to join the meeting. It makes it easy to bring together different people with different timelines.

Zoom features have changed over the years and will keep changing even as time goes by. Ven tough users still get to use most features for free. The add-ons make paying for zoom even better. Look at the additional features listed above under the cool category and figure out if this is something that will help enhance your calls, that way, you get to know whether you will pay for the extra features or keep using zoom as is.