Six FBCA Upper School Students Chosen for National Art Honor Society & National Junior Art Honor Society (NAHS/NJAHS) Juried Exhibition Showcase

FBCA Fine Arts has accomplished yet another incredible achievement. The annual National Art Honor Society/National Junior Art Honor Society (NAHS/NJAHS) Juried Exhibition showcases the artwork of talented student artists who are members of the NAHS/NJAHS programs. This year, six FBCA students were chosen to be featured in this juried exhibition that begins January 18, 2022 and runs through April 29, 2022.

Upper School students Alexa Gerke, Ava Kwan, Nicole Pfister, Hailey Hendershot, Jason Nguyen, and Madison Carter were all selected! This year is the first year that FBCA has had as many as six students selected! From the 1,665 submissions, only 200 artworks have been selected for inclusion. Representatives from 6 member schools of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD) participated as jurors: Burren College of Art, College for Creative Studies, Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Moore College of Art and Design, and Parsons School of Design. It is a wonderful milestone for these young artists to be chosen for this opportunity!

See each artist statement below:

Alexa Gerke: “Rome in a Day” (Drawing)

I am inspired by Renaissance artists that were able to capture the beauty of architecture. I wanted to highlight that same beautiful architecture in this drawing of St. Peter’s Basilica using pen and ink. I’m inviting viewers to take part in my passion for architecture.

Ava Kwan: “Juxtaposition of Two” (Painting)

Art allows people to reflect within themselves and learn lessons through their distinct experiences. The inspiration for my artwork came from the knowledge I gained from experiencing the pain of losing my grandparents. I was able to acknowledge the juxtaposition of continuing my family’s legacy.

Nicole Pfister: “Backfire” (Painting)

Children view the world with optimism, unable to fully process the woes of human existence. With Backfire, I desired to capture the blissful innocence of childhood amidst a stark reality. The will to embrace life is not lost, despite the fiery explosions constantly bombarding us.

Hailey Hendershot: “The Narrative of Glory” (Photography)

This piece shows a husky safari in the wilderness of Finland. This excursion was a way I could interact with the locals and connect with the Sami people in an authentic way. My piece shows a unique perspective of a different culture that I was able to experience while abroad.

Jason Nguyen: “Hotep”  (Ceramics & Sculpture)

Hotep is an Egyptian word that roughly translates as “to be satisfied, at peace”. The word also refers to an “offering” ritually presented to a deity or a dead person, hence “be pleased, be gracious, be at peace”.

Madison Carter: “Divine Glory” (Ceramics)

It’s an age-old superstition that one shouldn’t wear green to the theatre. But in movies, it can electrify and enhance the beauty of the actresses who wear it.

FBCA is so proud of all of the students who have put hours of work into each piece. Thank you to Mr. Robert Sanders, FBCA Director of Fine Arts, and Mr. Ryan Baptiste, FBCA US Art Teacher, for leading these students and teaching them to be bold with their artwork.

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