Zoey Sleep Pillows Reviews – Why You Buy This Zoey Curve Pillow? In-Depth Review

Many of us face difficulty while sleeping. We need to sleep at least 5 hours a day to stay healthy and active. But many factors prevent us from getting a good night’s sleep. Work-related stress, overthinking, or health conditions can keep us awake all night. Things have gotten much worse in the modern era as everyone is glued to their smartphones and PCs. Staying up all night browsing on social media platforms or playing video games can cause insomnia. Those who do hard labor suffer from bad headaches, sore back and neck pains that keep them awake the whole night. Sleeping issues will have a dangerous impact on your physical and mental health, social and professional life.

Let us introduce Zoey sleep pillow, a curvy pillow that is exceptionally soft contains 100% hypoallergenic components. In this Zoey Sleep pillow review, we are set to reveal one of the best ways to upgrade your sleep with the right pillow. It is made from the best quality fiber that will allow you to relax and guarantees you top-quality comfort and sleep.

The Zoey sleep pillow is made in America. This pillow is not made from animal skins or pelts. Only natural components were used to make this curvy pillow. Zoey sleep pillow comes in many shapes and sizes. This pillow is very customizable, and the curvy feature will give you full back and neck support. It can also be used as a side sleeping pillow.

Zoey sleep pillow is a unique luxury product. But it is not expensive like the pillows from 5-star hotels, but they offer a much better experience than those pillows. In this review of the Zoey sleep pillow, we will find out how to use it, how it’s made, where to buy it from, and other essential details and features of this pillow. Learn More About Zoey Sleep Pillow From The Official Website >>

What Is Zoey Sleep Pillow?

Zoey sleep pillow was designed to support your neck and the back, Removing the sore muscle pain and assuring the best sleeping experience. This pillow contains lyocell fibers which makes it so soft and comfortable. The curvy sleeping pillow gives full head and shoulder support. It helps to deal with severe headaches and shoulder pains. Go through the following table to learn about this wonderful pillow-

Product Name Zoey Curve Pillow
Country of Manufacture The United States
Specifications Ultra-soft pillows that upgrade the quality of sleep. Supports neck and sleeping posture. Provides relief from back and back pain
Benefits Relieves pain of spine and sciatic nerve provides head and neck support,  suitable for pregnant women, provides waist support, luxurious and soft to touch. Hypoallergenic and designed to stay firm.
Size King Size: 19 inches x 35 inches

Queen Size: 19 inches x 29 inches

Price King Size: $117.00

Queen Size: $99.00

10% Off with all first orders.

Warranty 5- year warranty.
Features Comes with covers and 100% hypoallergenic components.
Machine washable Yes
Where to Buy The Zoey Curve Pillow Official website

Other pillows can trigger severe allergic reactions. If you have dust allergies, then you will have a hard time sleeping on those pillows. You might get rashes or itchiness when using these pillows. Zoey sleep pillow is hypoallergenic, meaning it won’t cause any allergic reactions. So you can have a sound, peaceful sleep. The pillows are breathable and airy. So you can wash it without fearing that it might lose its effectiveness.

Zoey sleep pillow removes stress and anxiety. The pillow is filled with unique soft fibers, eucalypts, oak, and birch. When you lie down and close your eyes, you will feel all of your tensions and pain fade away. Only a Zoey sleep pillow can give you luxury and comfort at the same time.

Zoey sleep pillow king size edition will provide the best experience covering all sides of the body, ridding the whole body of pain. If you want to experience ultra-soft sleeping pillows to support your upper body, then order a case of Zoey sleep pillow now. You can use the Zoey sleep pillow coupon code to get huge discounts from the official website.

How Does Zoey Sleep Pillow Work?

Zoey sleep pillows are designed to cure painful back, shoulder, and neck pains. The pillow is very customizable. You can change the memory foam to your liking. You can choose which part of the body you want to focus on. You can adjust the level of the pillow that will help the alignment of the spine and hip. This will help to stop the back pain and shoulder pain. The curvy designs of the pillow eliminate the pressure on your shoulders and neck. The firm, curvy and soft nature of the pillow helps to readjust joints. This pillow can do the work of a chiropractor.

The specific design of this pillow relieves the pain and improves muscle function. You don’t have to take any harmful drugs to get rid of the pain. Zoey curve pillow will do it naturally. By customizing the foam in the pillow, you can manipulate the spine and other joints and parts of the body in the right alignment. Thus it helps to remove your pain for good.

Lower back pain is widespread, and almost everyone has to deal with it at some point in their lives. By putting the curvy part of the pillow on your lower back, you can fix the alignment of your spine with your lower back. And when you wake up, you won’t feel any pain.

Injuries can cause severe neck pain. Zoey sleep pillow slowly heals the damaged muscles on the neck to free you from the pain. Stress or a bad posture can cause headaches. The soft and ultra comforting foam helps you to relax, relieving you from all the stress, and the curvy design of the pillow changes the posture to alleviate your headache.

Whiplash will give you a stiff neck and pain. You won’t be able to move your neck around freely, and if you try, it will cause you a lot of pain. Zoey sleep pillow adjustability mechanism can stretch your neck, allowing it to move freely without dealing with the pain.

You have frozen shoulder syndrome. Then it will be tough for you to rest, or sleep let alone doing any work or heavy lifting. Zoey curve pillow will stretch out and relax those frozen muscles so you can be more flexible. Zoey sleep pillows contain polyester fibers that help out with the thermal regulation and controlling the moisture level. These fibers help to keep the body cool while sleeping.

Zoey sleep pillow will help you to fall asleep by removing all of your pain and stress. It will give you the best sleeping experience that luxury airlines and hotels can’t even match. You will wake up stress-free and painless. Your mind will feel refreshed, and your body will be completely rejuvenated.

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Zoey Sleep Pillow Benefits

Zoey sleep pillow is the ultimate sleeping solution for insomnia or anyone having difficulty sleeping because of stress or physical pain. Other pillows put pressure on the head and neck, causing discomfort and pain. In this part of the review, we will highlight the benefits of Zoey sleep pillow so you can understand why Zoey Sleep Pillow is better than your current pillow.

  • Most pillows in the market use toxic chemical components. But Zoey sleep pillow uses materials extracted from nature.
  • Fibers of oak, birch, and eucalyptus are used to make this pillow. That is why Zoey Sleep Pillow is so soft and comfy.
  • The curvy design of the pillow helps to remove the neck, back, and shoulder pain. So you can have a fantastic sleeping experience and wake up feeling refreshed.
  • Zoey sleep pillows are very customizable. You can add or remove shredded memory foam according to your needs. It helps with the alignment of your spine.
  • Strenuous activities can give you a sore neck and back. Zoey sleep pillows remove the pressure from the neck and back, thus eliminating the pain. So you can sleep without having to wake up crying in pain.
  • Zoey sleep pillow will give you the ultimate sleeping experience by removing all the stress and pain. The soft and curvy pillow will put you into a deep sleep instantly. This pillow will help you to be more proactive in your professional and social life.
  • Zoey sleep pillows are 100% hypoallergenic. So it is suitable for people who are very prone to allergic reactions.
  • Zoey sleep pillows are very airy and breathable. These pillows do not give off any toxic chemical smells. Most pillows are not washable if you wash them even once they become unusable. But Zoey sleep pillows are made from a unique fiber that makes them washable as many times as you want without worrying about ruining the pillow.
  • Zoey sleep pillow is all about luxury, style, and comfort. It is also one of the best selections for pregnant women. You can get all of this at a very affordable price. Visit the official website of Zoey sleep pillow to get the best sleeping experience in the world. You can utilize the Zoey sleep pillow discount code to buy large pillowcases.

Zoey Sleep Pillow Pros And Cons

Every product has both pros and cons, no matter how good they are. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of Zoey sleep pillow-


  • It doesn’t trigger any allergic reactions. It is hypoallergenic. It uses breathable fiber, which is also dust resistant. The pillow covers are machine washable.
  • Zoey sleep pillows are incredibly soft and comfortable. The shredded memory foams can be removed or added to adjust the pillow according to your liking.
  • You can use it for a trial before purchasing it. Zoey sleep pillows offer a 5-year warranty deal. So you don’t have to worry about your purchase.
  • The curvy of the pillow was designed with the help of yoga experts and chiropractors. The curvy side of the pillow helps to align the spine and remove the pain.
  • You can get this high-end ultra comforting luxury product for a reasonable price.
  • Zoey sleep pillowcases come at different packages and prices.
  • Zoey sleep pillow reviews are very positive. It never received any criticism or negative reviews.
  • Due to its unique design, you can sleep in any position you desire.
  • Zoey sleep pillow removes the pressure from your neck and shoulder and provides additional support.
  • The shipping cost is free. It will take five business days for your Zoey sleep pillow to arrive at your doorstep.
  • You can use the Zoey sleep pillow promo code to get huge discounts from the official website.
  • No animals were hurt or killed for making these pillows. Zoey sleep pillow only uses lyocell fibers which is a natural component.


  • Zoey sleep pillow can only be purchased online from the official website.
  • The pillow is too comfortable, so it might cause you to oversleep.
  • The pillows are available in only a limited number of colors.

You won’t have to wake up in pain and frustration after using the Zoey sleep pillow. It guarantees you a whole night of comfortable sleep.

How To Use A Zoey Sleep Pillow?

Most of the Zoey Sleep Pillow reviews explain that this pillow is best for those who are suffering from insomnia. If you want to upgrade your sleep quality, then you must select this pillow and replace it with your usual ones. This pillow is not only soft to touch and luxurious, but also it provides the best option for quality sleep.

Zoey sleep pillow allows you to remove or add shredded memory foam. By doing so, you can adjust the pillow according to your needs. You can target specific locations of your body, neck, shoulders, or back. By removing or adding foams, you can adjust the level and remove the pressure from those spots. That’s how you can remove your pain and readjust your joints. Zoey sleep side sleeping pillow can be put on the sides of your back and hip to provide extra comfort and support when you are sleeping sideways.

Zoey Sleep Pillows Different Sizes And Colors And Features

In this Zoey Sleep Pillow review, we will explain the different features that make this pillow the perfect choice. Zoey sleep pillow is made using shredded memory foam and polyester fibers. The pillow covers used for Zoey sleep pillows are machine washable. Zoey sleep pillow covers are made from oak, eucalyptus, and birch wood. These materials make Zoey sleep pillows so soft and comfortable.

The fibers used in this pillow can be helpful for thermal regulation and controlling moisture. So on a scorching day, it can keep the body cool. Even if you have a high body temperature causing sleep issues, Zoey sleep pillows are the best solution.

Zoey sleep pillows are available in two colors, White and grey. There are two types of pillows for you to choose from. Zoey curve pillows are used for sleeping on the back or the sides.

And the class version for sleeping on your stomach. This pillow doesn’t use any harmful chemicals or ozone-depleting components. It is made from toxin-free materials like lyocell fibers.

Zoey sleep pillow comes in a few different sizes-

  • Zoey curve pillow king size edition – 19 inches by 35 inches.
  • Zoey curve pillow queen size edition – 19 inches by 29 inches.
  • Zoey classic pillow luxury standard size edition – 25 inches by 19 inches.
  • Zoey classic pillow luxury king size edition – 35 inches by 19 inches.

Where To Buy Zoey Sleep Pillow?

Zoey Sleep is the company behind Zoey sleep pillows. They only made this product available on their official online store at zoeysleep.com.

They also have weighted blankets and mattress toppers in their store. Zoey sleep highly recommends that you avoid buying from any third-party sources. You should buy Zoey sleep pillow amazon products because they cannot guarantee the quality of these products since they do not sell them through stores or supermarkets. Buying from the official website will guarantee you product quality assurance, huge discounts, free trials, and money-back guarantees.

Zoey Sleep Pillow Prices

  • Zoey sleep pillow queen size edition is $88.00 You will get a 20% discount if you are a first-time buyer. You can also pay for this set through four installments of $22.00 (interest-free) using an after-secure payment service. (USA Price)
  • King-sized Zoey sleep pillow is priced at $104.00. If you are a first-time buyer, then you will get a 20% discount on it. You can also pay for the king-size set with four payment installments of $26.00 using a safe payment portal. (USA Price)

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If you buy two pillow sets, you will get 25% discounts on them and 30% discounts for four pillows. Zoey sleep pillow Canada and Zoey sleep pillow UK orders will be charged with shipping costs.

Zoey Sleep Pillow Customer Reviews

Zoey sleep has hundreds and thousands of regular customers. Zoey curve pillow is one of their best-selling products. Many people who have difficulty sleeping due to stress, anxiety, or neck, shoulder, or back pain greatly benefited from choosing Zoey sleep pillow. That’s because it removed all of their pain, stress, and anxiety and allowed them to get a nice relaxing deep sleep. A lot of customers have reviewed this product. Let’s take a look at some of these Zoey sleep pillow reviews down below-

  • “I come back home equated and depressed every night. Struggling financially thanks to the pandemic and am stuck in a dead-end job that I despise. But I can’t even quit because of the current job crisis. All of this was wearing me down physically and mentally. It kept me up all night. I barely get to sleep, sometimes for three hours if I am lucky. I was thinking about using some meds, but my friend told me not to get hooked on them and suggested I try out a sleeping pillow. My initial thought was what a pillow was going to do, but my friend was very convincing, so I bought a set. On the first night of using these pillows, all I can remember was laying down on the bed and waking up in the morning feeling refreshed, well-rested and stress-free. I was shocked, to be honest. I have never fallen asleep instantly before in my life. I was finally able to calm myself down and started taking calculative actions to improve my life. All thanks to the ultra comforting stress reliever Zoey Sleep Pillows. “Brain, Lake George, New York.
  • “I worked at a construction site, so I gotta do a lot of heavy lifting. I have been doing this for six years, and it sure is affecting my body but not in a good way. Intense shoulder and neck pain keep me up all night. Painkillers can help, but it’s not a permanent solution. My girlfriend knew what I was going through, so she did a little digging and learned about this Zoey curved pillow that is specially designed for relieving joint and muscle pain in the neck area. So I ordered one and followed the instructions that came with it carefully. I put the curved side of the pillow under my neck and shoulders. It felt so relaxing. The fibers on this pillow are heavenly. After 2- 3 days, I didn’t feel any pain in my neck or shoulders. A good chiropractor will cost you about $200-$300. I only spent $30 on this pillow set and got a better result at home.” Mike, Charles Town, West Virginia.

Zoey Sleep Pillow Reviews – Final Words

We are almost at the end of this Zoey sleep pillow review. Zoey sleep had many doctors, yoga experts, and chiropractors from all over the United States on their remarkable ultra comfort and luxury sleeping pillow. To get long-lasting comfort, you need to remove the pressure off your spine and perfectly align it.

Zoey sleep pillow is specially designed to do precisely that. The curved design of this pillow removes the excruciating pain from the neck, back, and shoulders. The pillow was created using hypoallergenic lyocell fibers.

So it is suitable for allergy-prone users, and lyocell fibers make the pillow incredibly soft that will make you fall asleep within a few minutes. Fibers from Oak and birch wood are used to make the covers of this pillow. It makes the pillow breathable, airy, and machine washable. It doesn’t have any chemical smell to it. It comes with a ten-day trial and a five-year warranty, so it is entirely risk-free.

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FAQs About Zoey Sleep Pillow

  • Zoey Sleep Pillow Where To Buy?

Visit zoeysleep.com to purchase different pillow sets.

  • Does Zoey Sleep Pillow Smell?

No, it doesn’t. This pillow is made from natural fibers, so it doesn’t have chemical-like smells to it.

  • Is Zoey Sleep Pillow Legit?

Zoey sleep, the makers of this pillow, appointed many doctors and chiropractors to work on this pillow. Many customers have given this pillow a positive review.

  • Is Zoey Pillow Washable?

Yes, it is made from a unique fiber making it machine washable.

  • Can I Get A Free Trial Before Purchasing The Pillow?

Yes, you will be given a 10-day free trial.

  • Does Zoey Sleep Pillow Come With A Warranty?

Yes, it has a five-year warranty deal.

  • What are the Zoey Sleep Pillow Customer Support Contact Details?

Zoey Sleep Pillow’s customer care service email address is hello@zoeysleep.com.

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