Effective All-natural Supplements To Boost Your Immunity

After the pandemic that the world is enduring, we know how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet, adequate sleep, exercise, and maintaining hygiene, are extremely essential to boost immunity. But, sometimes our body demands external supplements to function better. So, here are some of the best all-natural supplements to boost your immunity with no side effects.

Vitamin D

An adult human body requires 5000-10000 IU of Vitamin D on a daily basis to get shielded from flu, colds, cancer, and approximately 200 other diseases. Hence, Vitamin D is a must-consume supplement for all adults. It’s also one of the most studied nutrients. Thousands of studies show that its uses are higher than the RDA dose. You may also visit the Vitamin D council if you want to know more about its documentation. Alternatively, you can read ‘The sunshine vitamin’, a book on the importance of this supplement. People who are suffering from cold and flu are advised by the doctors to take around 50000 IU of it for 3-7 days to stimulate the production of cathelicidin, a protein with natural antibiotic properties. Adequate Vitamin D protects the body from almost all infections. If you want to naturally get Vitamin D then you have to expose your body to the sun. But, getting Vitamin D through this process is not possible in the US especially during the winters. Therefore, daily oral intake becomes all the more essential.

Omega-3 Fatty Acid

If consumed 4000 mg daily by the adults, Omega-3 Fatty Acid decreases the chance of heart attacks and boosts the immune system. Omega 3 also helps vitamin D to work in an optimal manner to prevent its deficiency. Consumption of a supplement rich in Omega-3 increases the potential of white blood cells and prevents the production of dangerous bacterias. Just like vitamin D, it protects our lungs from diseases like cold, flu, and other breathing infections. Hence, Omega-3 Fatty Acid supplements are recommended by doctors for a healthy lifestyle.


Probiotics are nothing but a form of bacteria that usually makes their way to the guts and is known to be one of the best supplements to boost our immune system. More than seventy percent of our immune system is controlled by our guts and the presence of important human-friendly viruses there is very necessary. These bacteria increase the number of white blood cells which improves our immune system. Probiotics also protect us from harmful pathogens like candida Albicans by improving the functionality of our digestive system.


Astragalus is basically a Chinese herb that is known to stimulate the number of white blood cells in our body. Taking at least 1000 mg of this supplement would help prevent and fight infections in the body. It may not show its effects as quickly as Vitamin D or Omega 3 fatty acids, and take around 6-8 weeks to work, but, Astragalus must be added to your daily supplement list.


If taken 50 g daily, zinc will effectively help the body fight all types of infection and harmful foreign bodies. Studies prove that a large number of people in the US are zinc deficient which makes it one of the most necessary add-ons in the supplement list. Zinc decreases the risk of breathing tract infections and consuming zinc along with vitamin C decreases the levels of lead in our body.


Selenium prevents our body from the risk of cancers like the bladder, breast, bowel, lungs, and prostate cancers. It works synergistically along with vitamin E complex 400 IU, so the experts advise taking both of these nutrients parallelly. Hence, one must take around 200 mcg of the supplement, daily.

Vitamin A

Mostly consumed at 10000 IC, this component of cod liver oil has an important role to play in preventing infections by stimulating the actives of T and B lymphocytes. Deficiency of vitamin A is mostly seen in healthy people who complain of recurrent infections in organs like the middle ear, bladder, chest, bowel. Vitamin A is mostly a component of multivitamin supplements but most people avoid its consumption as it causes them allergies and has the insufficient secretion of pancreatic digestive enzymes.

There are a lot of other immune booster supplements that are readily available online at stores like Walgreens. But, the above-mentioned natural supplements will top our list for obvious reasons. Until next time, we wish you a safe, and healthy life!