Taking a Call on the Width of a Wedding Ring for Men

A perfect search for a wedding band involves proper research, browsing different stores, and finally, putting your heart and mind into a choice. Since you have to wear it every day, you would want the ring to be sitting comfortably on your finger. When you talk about comfort, your focus immediately drifts toward the style of the ring. But it doesn’t mean design and pattern alone. One most crucial aspect of it can be the width too. A few millimeters of difference can have an incredible impact on your fit. Hence, you would like to factor in this component also.

Usually, 6mm or 8mm tends to be the standard pick in width, going by average finger and hand size. So, if you shop for mens wedding bands, try to start with 6mm. You can check lower or higher widths until anything specific catches your fancy. Nevertheless, here are a few general recommendations to help you with this part.

Narrow wedding bands (2mm to 6mm thickness)

Thin rings are most suitable for smaller hands and slender fingers that need a ring size of less than 9. Any band with a width of 2mm to 6mm will not have an overpowering effect. Still, you have to make sure you choose the best size in this range to enjoy that benefit. Another thing is someone new to finger rings can easily adjust to narrower bands. Hence, it becomes a unique point. If you are not aware, narrow wedding bands can cost you less than wider options because of the smaller requirement for the precious metal.

Wider wedding bands (7 mm or more)

A ring size over nine can afford to have a bigger body, which looks quite manly. Hence, it instantly becomes a go-to option for men who like to have such quality. But this option can be comfortable for those who wear rings already. So, you have to be careful about that side. Nonetheless, this design can effortlessly add to your overall look. If you are flexible about budget, you will get many options in wider bands, which typically cost more for the larger use of precious metal. At the same time, it is essential to know that wider bands can feel tight on fingers than narrow bands. So, it will be better to consult the jewelry store about this.

Moving forward with this basic understanding can help you pick the most suitable width for your wedding ring. No formula guarantees that a certain width will be an ideal match for your finger unless you try different sizes and test them for yourselves. If you want to be safe with your selection, go with customized designs. Getting something made-to-order can eliminate most of your doubts. Again, it will have a cost. But you cannot ignore the fact that it is your wedding band. You don’t change this ring. Once it slides down your finger, the band becomes your integral part.

To be precise, when buying your ring, keep this factor in mind so you can enjoy its presence every second of your life after you exchanged the vows.