Top Benefits of Choosing Custom Vinyl Decals or Stickers for Your Business

Vinyl decals stay around for a long time compared to traditional advertising like posters, flyers, or postcards. These conventional marketing materials are prone to wear and tear, or damage, or fading over time. Then, that does not mean the end of traditional marketing because you have vinyl decals in place to promote your business.

According to an article published in Entrepreneur, there are several ways to promote your upcoming business event. The first thing to do is build a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Though digital marketing is the in-thing now, traditional advertising through decals is here to stay. Here is why:

Help in branding your business

If you are using vinyl decals, they have many benefits compared to flyers. First, you can use stickers as geo-location ads without the need to use GPS. Stickers will not end up in a dustbin like flyers, which means you can brand your company and products in extremely desirable parts of a city, including special venues like festivals and fairs.

You may even use vinyl decals on customized signs as well as sandwich boards to ensure your brand message goes to every place. You may even change the sticker by pasting something different over the old decal. Sticks create a permanent impression on prospects, thus improving brand awareness.

Offer audiences with something significant

Attracting the attention of your customers with vinyl decals helps you to promote your brand, product launch, or an upcoming event that people can see on windows, walls, car bumpers, buildings, as well as notebooks. You may even provide your customers with vinyl stickers as freebies, incentives, as well as paid items like funky bumper decals.

You may even cross-promote your company by arranging some contests on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, asking people generate sticker ideas. You can use the best user-generated content and use the same on your custom vinyl decals for your brick-and-mortar store advertising. The best sticker idea gets a gift from your business.

Cost-effective marketing

When it comes to custom vinyl decals, they are known for cool ideas and that too within your budget. Yes, you do not need to spend your marketing dollars when you opt for vinyl decals. Though vinyl will cost you a little more than paper stickers, the value that the former adds to your branding supersedes the cost. Vinyl stickers last for years and therefore, you can display your brand’s messages for many years.

When you order vinyl decals in huge quantities, it further cuts back on the cost. Naturally, you will need them in bulk because your business needs advertising in different ways including window decals, vehicle stickers, bumper stickers, and many more. When you choose small-batch printing, it makes limited runs more affordable and easy on your budget.

For example, if you own a café, promote your signature sandwiches and Irish coffee with vinyl window decals. The same rule holds when it comes to your special events.


Brand marketing is common these days. The best way is to do it without investing too much in costly promotion when you have just established your business. That is when vinyl sticker advertising comes into play.