6 Tricks To Become A Better Golf Player

As contrary to popular belief, golf is among the most difficult sports to practice. Avid golf players know that besides the equipment, skills, such as patience, concentration, control of emotions, knowing how to play smart, and above all, confidence, along with the substantial practice, of course, are required to help you become a better player. Golf is a very versatile sport, it can keep your heart rate up and circulation going and help you burn a few calories without putting you at risk of injury, unlike other sports. It also boosts cognitive function, promotes better mental health, and encourages you to spend time in nature. Golf, by nature, is a very social sport that can be enjoyed by everyone. If you want to become a better golf player, here are 6 tricks that will help you out.


  1. Adjusting Your Grip

When it comes to golf, your grip is what connects your club, body, and ball. If your grip is uncomfortable, then this connection would be broken. This is why it’s essential to find a grip that you feel entirely comfortable with. Many golfers, especially beginners, have trouble with getting their shots straight, which is usually the result of a faulty grip. Never rush your grip; take your time to adjust and follow all the steps needed. Practice holding your club at the right angle and placing your thumb, fingers, and palm in their correct position until it comes naturally.

  1. Suitable Clubs

Many golf players mistakenly buy expensive clubs, hoping that they would get the job done. While expensive clubs can guarantee quality and some awesome features, they will be practically useless if they don’t suit your game. Before you settle on a brand, make sure that you try out different kinds of clubs, check their weight, and take them for test drives. Slight discomfort, such as a club that’s slightly too heavy or a bit too light, can affect your swing, balance, and shot.

  1. Putting Aids

Putting aids are among the most significant aspects of a golf game; they help many avid golfers stay on top of their game. Hitting straight shots all day and practicing the perfect swings and balance will not help you maintain strokes if your putting is not up to the mark. Using putting aids in golf is one of the best ways to work on your putting skills. When looking to buy a putting aid, search for one that offers a realistic putting surface, is durable, portable, and lightweight, and is easily attachable. Keep in mind that different putting aids are designed to help you tackle specific problems; one may be intended to help you fix the weight of your putts, while the other may help you practice alignment. This is why it’s important to identify your issue before purchasing a  putting aid.

  1. Eye on the Ball

Everyone constantly searches for tricks and tips that will help them improve their golfing skills; however, most people forget that the key to a good game usually lies within the simplest of things. Keep it a point to maintain clean eye contact with the ball on every shot; on the head of the club, hit the ball dead center. If club-to-ball contact leans toward one side, your ball will end up traveling off-center. Tightening up your swing, reducing the power for more control, maintaining a firm stance, and lining up the shot, are all things that can help you keep the ball from going to random sides.

  1. Balanced Stance

This may require some practice on its own; however, keeping a balanced stance is essential if you want to become a better golf player. It is vital when it comes to effective golf swings. Your stance, posture, and position all come down to balance. Feeling secure and composed in your body will allow you to form a better connection with the ball, execute a smooth swing, and therefore end up with an accurate, powerful shot.

  1. Practice, Practice

Like anything in the world, your window to becoming a better golf player is practicing regularly. Practicing is as simple as getting a round as frequently as you can; the more you play, the more you will improve. Practice is the element that ties everything together- with practicing, you will finally find that natural, comfortable grip, remember to keep your eyes on the ball, and maintain a balanced, firm stance.


Golfing is among the most popular recreational sports in the entire world, and it’s undoubtedly for good reason. The benefits that golf has to offer are incredible, and the fact that it can be enjoyed by everyone makes it even better. It comes as no surprise that you would want to become a better golf player. This is why we collected a few tricks that will help you improve.