Tips for Choosing the Best Shipping Agent in Singapore to Reduce Shipping Cost

Choosing a shipping agent can be a challenging decision having lasting implications. Shipping agents will have a substantial impact on the daily operations of one’s business. Having so much at stake, one must take the time to analyze and evaluate each of their options and select the carrier that will best fulfill their organization’s capacity needs and supply chain needs. To help one make an informed choice, below are some criteria and factors that will help one choose the best shipping agent in Singapore to reduce shipping costs.

Pointers to Consider 

  • Time, Cost, and Quality – First and foremost, price is a factor that one needs to consider while choosing the best shipping agent. You need to prioritize two things while selecting the agent- the delivery time and the quality and pricing. The shipper needs to identify his business’s needs. So if one ships with a cheap carrier, they will sacrifice both delivery time and quality.
  • Services Offered – One needs to know the services that their business needs are and the carrier’s transportation services. Will one company suffice all their needs, or will they require multiple shippers to move their freight? Working with multiple companies will increase one’s cost and investment. So it is best to work with a shipping agent that provides numerous services and can cater to all of their company’s needs.
  • Reliability – A reliable shipping agent can help build one’s company’s positive reputation, helping grow his business and meet customer expectations. That is when a carrier that offers low cost will never deliver the load on time, thus making the freight miss the inspection window and not make it on time. Hiring an agent that offers transparent communication regarding one’s shipment is vital. It keeps the company accountable for the load, thus keeping them in the loop regarding their shipment’s status. For a reliable shipping agent, contact
  • Capacity – Not all carriers are excellent candidates for one’s business. Some are stronger compared to others. Getting hold of an agent with a network that comprises the lanes one’s freight will travel on helps establish a profitable bond for both parties.
  • Safety – Just as safety is crucial for the shipper, it is equally vital to their customers. Shipping through an agent who prioritizes safety will help build one’s supply chain image, resulting in increased sales. Customers focus on the company’s safety rating and are inclined to ship with a company that has a safe reputation.
  • Sustainability – It is vital to choose a shipping agent that follows sustainable practices and is conscious environmentally regarding transportation solutions. It will help in building one’s supply chain image and also result in increased sales. Clients pay attention to environmental sustainability and, akin to safety inclined to buy with those companies that have a reputation for being environmentally friendly.

The other tips to consider while choosing a shipping agent to reduce shipping costs include checking the agent’s stability and checking between asset vs. non-asset based carriers.