5 Natural Alternatives to Antidepressants That You Must Know

Depression is a severe mood disorder that can become worse with time, if left untreated. I think we all can agree on one thing that depression must not be neglected or it can take away your life. 

The stigma of talking about depression still exists. People refuse to accept that depression is for real and can be harmful. On the other hand, many people call it stress and hope for it to go away on its own. 

Well, depression is a lot more than stress. In fact, stress is a symptom of depression. Following are a few common symptoms of depression that you must know before we move towards the treatment: 

  • Persistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness 
  • Trouble remembering details and concentrating 
  • Difficult sleeping or waking up 
  • Irritability or anger spells 
  • Loss of appetite or binge eating 
  • Body aches and muscle contractions that won’t go away 
  • Feelings of emptiness and fatigue 
  • Suicidal thoughts or attempts

The treatment of depression depends on the symptoms and severity of the disorder. However, antidepressants are frequently prescribed to people with clinical depression. 

Yes, I reckon that antidepressants are pretty useful when it comes to the treatment of depression. Still, we cannot neglect the fact that antidepressants bring along a massive number of side effects. 

They may make you slow and drowsy, so you won’t be able to continue with your routine. It is probably one of the biggest side effects of antidepressants. Besides that, they can also cause digestive issues and abdominal cramps. 

Well, there’s nothing to worry about as I’ve compiled a list of the natural alternatives to antidepressants. They work incredibly well and bring along minimal to no side effects, which makes them worth giving a shot.

Medical Marijuana 

One of the most effective things that can be used in the treatment of depression is medical marijuana. It is extracted from cannabis plants, so it’s all-natural and there’s no chance of side effects. All you need to do is take care of the dose, and you’ll be good to go. 

According to the UNM study, marijuana does not just help improve the symptoms of depression, but also improves mental wellbeing in general. The best part being, people have reported an instant relief in the symptoms of depression after using medical marijuana. 

Although the effects of cannabis may vary from person to person, it also depends on the strain you use. There’s a huge variety of marijuana strains available these days. Each of them comes with a different set of properties. You can check out https://potcargo.com for further details.


Yes, it’s a mainstream idea as everyone suggests performing exercise when depressed, but do you know why? Do you have any idea about its significance in the world of mental health? 

Alright. Let me explain it a little. Regular exercise can increase the number of endorphins (happy chemicals) and decrease the amount of cortisol (a stress hormone) in the body. As a result, it reduces stress and anxiety while uplifting your mood and boosting energy. 

As mentioned by the Harvard Medical School, regular exercise can naturally treat depression and anxiety. Other than that, it can also lower blood pressure, improve the quality of sleep, and protect you against diabetes and cardiac disease.

Mindfulness Meditation 

Several mental health experts from around the world recommend mindfulness meditation for the treatment of depression. Do you have the faintest idea why meditation is admired by many? 

Mindful meditation is one way to treat depression from its core. Most of the time, people suffer from depression because they lose contact with their emotional self. We usually suffer from such mood disorders when we start running after impractical things. 

Mindful meditation can help revive your contact with your inner self. The more you focus on yourself and your surroundings, the more quickly you recover from the problem. It is also verified by research. The experts have labeled it as a self-help treatment for depression and anxiety.

Mental Detox 

Your fight against depression is not physical, it requires mental work, which includes how you see and perceive things. It’s no secret that a depressed person leaps to negative assumptions and conclusions in the blink of an eye that aggravates the issue even more. 

‘Logic’ is an antidepressant in its own. I know it doesn’t make sense initially, but it can successfully help you in getting out of the pits of depression. There are times when you feel low. Thoughts like ‘nobody likes me,’ ‘no one wants me around,’ or ‘I’m all alone,’ often make the rounds in mind, but what do you do in such a situation? Try to think rationally, why do you think the way you think? 

Put yourself in another person’s shoe. It’s possible that someone was ignoring you because they’re actually busy, maybe someone didn’t talk much because they’re already consumed with a lot going on in their life, and more. You don’t know what’s really happening, challenge the negative thoughts and defeat them with logic.

Maintain a Proper Sleep Cycle 

Insomnia, not sleeping enough, sleeping too much, or difficulty waking up are some of the common symptoms of depression. Not having a proper sleep cycle is something that can cause a number of physical and psychological problems. 

If you’re already depressed, you must work on your sleep routine. Try to sleep for at least eight hours a day, no more and no less than that. Also, be sure to sleep properly at night. My mother often says that staying awake at night is like an open invitation to the negative thoughts and I couldn’t agree more. 

Here’s what you need to do, go to bed early at night and wake up at a similar time everyday. Besides that, please ensure not to take a mobile phone or laptop to bed. It’s a simple yet effective trick to reduce depression and improve sleep quality.

Living with depression is hard, but surviving on antidepressants is even more complicated. It is precisely why I recommend taking the natural course. Try the natural remedies I’ve mentioned above and I’m confident you’ll feel a significant improvement in less than a few days. Get better soon, my pals!