2nd Annual Celebrate the Constitution Rally – Hearne, Texas

Constitution Day Gathering Over the Weekend with Family Day at the Park

Hearne, Texas (September 8, 2020) – Politicians, Public Servants, and some in the Military and Law Enforcement all swear an oath to defend our U.S. Constitution, but often it seems that once in office many forget their oath or seem to go out of their way to ignore the Constitution and the supporting amendments to usurp our God-given rights.

Celebrate the Constitution Rally was an idea that began last year in honor of Constitution Day in Hearne, Texas Eastside Park, as it was centrally located for most folks and offered a covered pavilion in the Texas heat. The small town was also conducive the nature of grass roots America.

“We all know that our country is in trouble, I think the way back is rediscovering our Constitution while others seem intent on re-imagining our history and removing our heritage,” says Fred Schneider, Founder of American F.L.A.G. (Freedom, Liberty, and God).

Date:  Saturday, September 19, 2020 (Constitution Day falls every year on 9/17)

Location:  Eastside Park Hearne, Texas – at the Pavilion at Norwood Lane and Black Jack Road
Time:  12PM to 5PM
Cost :  Free

Speakers:  Stephen Willeford (First-Responder at Sutherland Springs, TX church), James “Doc” Greene (“Right Side of the Mic”), Tommy Attaway (Author/Historian), Richard Briscoe (Legislative Director for Open Carry Texas), The Savvy Truth (media sensation), Stacey Roberts (Liberty Mom), Randy Beale (This is Texas Freedom Force), Fred Schneider (Founder/Organizer), and Andy Valadez, Marine Veteran and Texas Veterans for Trump

Music by:  The Greene Brothers Band (starts at 12PM)

Supplies needed:  bring your rifle (un-chambered for safety), holstered handgun, flags, lawn chairs, shade tent, frisbee, kite, ice chest and picnic lunch. This is a family friendly and pro-American rowdy crew just like our founding fathers.  There is plenty of parking at the park.

Contact: Fred Schneider 630.550.2080 or by e-mail: voneezil@yahoo.com

Event Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/609600106308213/

Event Hosted by:  Open Carry Texas, American F.L.A.G., and Right Side of the Mic Radio

“In these tumultuous times, where our constitution is being challenged on a daily basis, it has become more important than ever to stand up for our fundamental, basic rights,” said Stephen Willeford, “ The first and second amendment are the barriers that stand between us and tyranny.  If we won’t stand up for our rights, we will watch them erode and fade until all that is left of our freedom is ashes.”

The event will kick-off with a prayer, a blowing of the Shofar, the pledges of allegiance (American and Texas flags), the National Anthem, The Greene Brothers Band, and our fantastic speaker line-up.  Attendees are encouraged to live-stream and post photos onto social media.  A combined group photo will be organized at the event.

“We would like to see other celebrations like this one in every town in the U.S.A. and remind our public servants and fellow Americans that we still value our Constitution and expect to honor and abide by it!” said Doc Greene, Radio Host of The Right Side of the Mic

Group Photo 1st Annual Celebrate the Constitution Rally 2019